Bulky Item Pickup

Stickers for Bulk Item Pickup are no longer required. Skip to Instructions below:

Apply for a Bulky Item Pickup Permit

The following is the list of items that are eligible or ineligible for pickup by the City’s trash collectors.

Eligible for Pickup as “Other Bulky Items” 

Large Items ($20 each / Seniors: $10 each)

  • bed frames
  • bicycles
  • buffets/hutches
  • couches/sofas
  • dining/kitchen tables
  • dressers / bureaus / armoires / credenzas
  • entertainment centers
  • grills (propane tank removed)
  • loveseats
  • sectional pieces
  • upholstered chairs/recliners

Small Items (Indoor and Outdoor) ($5 each)

  • dining chairs
  • end/coffee tables
  • footboards 
  • headboards 
  • lawn furniture
  • microwave stands
  • nightstands
  • office chairs (no metal)
  • rug bundles (Max 4-ft in length)
  • TV stands
  • wood bundles (Max 4-ft in length)

Eligible for Pickup as "Appliances/Electronics"

($25 each / Seniors: $15 each)

  • Air Conditioners
  • Dryers
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwaves
  • Ovens
  • Trash Compactor
  • Refrigerators
  • Washers

Electronics ($25 each/ Seniors $15 each)

  • Computers
  • TVs

Ineligible for Pickup: Must Be Brought to DPW Yard

The DPW is coordinating a new location and day for Hazard Material Disposal.

No Charge Items

  • Batteries
  • Fluorescent Light Bulbs
  • Mercury Thermometers
  • Mercury Thermostats
  • Nickel Cad Batteries
  • Waste Oil

Paint ($2/can)

  • Paint cans must have original label
  • NO Aerosal Cans


  • Propane Tanks ($10)
  • Tires — No Rims ($4)

Not Eligible

  • Aerosal Cans
  • Anti-Freeze
  • Gas Cans

Bulky Item Instructions

Permits for Bulky Item Pickup are now available online. You no longer will require a sticker. 

The deadline for next day Bulk Item Pickup is 3pm Monday through Thursday, For Friday and Monday pickup applications must be submitted no later than Thursday by 3pm. If you apply later than that time, your items may not be eligible for pickup until the following week.

In most cases, you can complete this permit application in under 5 minutes, from your home or work computer, or from most smart phones.

(1) Register. (2) Apply. (3) Pay. (4) Check Your Email

Follow these easy instructions.

Step 1. Account Registration

Applicants for any permit in CitizenServe must register for an account. If you already have an account for any other reason in CitizenServe, you can skip to Step 2.

Login and registration

Unless you are also a licensed contractor, the suggested accounts to sign up for would be either “Property Owner” or “Citizen/Renter”.


Only fields with a red bar are required. All others are optional. A working email address that you check regularly is required, as this is how we will notify you of any updates to your permit applications.

Be sure to select a user name and password you will remember -- or write them down.

Step 2. Apply for a Permit

Select “Apply for a Permit”. Select Application Type: Bulk Item Pickup. The questions with the red bar are required. 

  • Subtype: Select either APPLIANCES or OTHER BULKY ITEMS
  • Address or Parcel #: Only type in your street number and street name, and leave out “Street”, “Ave”, etc.
    (NOTE: There are a number of parcels in the City where the postal address and the Assessing address don’t match. If you are unable to locate your address, you may need to search the Assessing Database or our city’s mapping system to find the Parcel ID. You can call 3-1-1 for help if you are unable to proceed.)
  • If there is no difference between the street address and the Assessing Address, note the next question as “no”. If there is a difference, mark it as “yes” and tell us what your postal address is.
  • Senior Discount: If the head of your household is 60 years or older, provide us the name and age of the eligible member of your household. The City reserves the right to verify the information provided.
  • Now let us know which items you are putting out and how many.
  • Once you've completed the necessary questions, type your full name, click on the box that you abide by the terms and conditions, and Submit.
  • If you did not answer any required question, the system will inform you which question needs answering.

Step 3. Paying for Your Permit

In most cases, you will now be immediately directed to pay for your items to be picked up. If you selected Other Bulky Items that were not on the pre-approved list, do not pay until your request is approved by email.

Step 4. Check Your Email

You will be notified by email when your pickup is scheduled. Once you receive that email, follow the instructions, only put out the items you paid for, and you're done! 

Call 3-1-1 (781-286-8311) or email Revere311@revere.org with any questions.

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