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From July 5-August 31, the Sumner Tunnel will be closed for restorations.Plan ahead.


Revere City Hall Departments will now be open on Mondays and Wednesdays until 7:00 PM to better serve our residents. Fridays will now be closed.


Complete the 2023 City Census today!Learn more here.

Election Department

The Election Department directs all Municipal, State and Federal Elections within the City of Revere. We pledge to conduct secure elections, maintain accurate voter registration records, provide voter education, and encourage voter participation. We adhere to Massachusetts General Laws, Campaign Finance Laws, and the Revised Ordinances of the City of Revere. We provide exceptional customer service to residents and businesses seeking our assistance. We work toward exceeding the goals set by the Administration while we embrace and value diversity, technology and teamwork.


Tuesday, September 19, 2023 - Preliminary Election (if necessary) for all City offices (Mayor, City Council, School Committee)

Tuesday, November 7, 2023 - General Election for all City Offices (Mayor, City Council, School Committee)



The Board of Election Commissioners respectfully requests all Election related materials be returned by either US Mail to P.O. Box 246, Revere, MA  02151 or deposited in the large, blue drop box located on the Pleasant Street side of Revere City Hall.  The drop box is located in the parking lot outside the basement door.  The drop box is emptied on a regular basis.  Postage is not needed when using the drop box.

Candidates for Office

Updated weekly by Election Commission. Last updated 5/25/2023. Separated by office and then listed by order of papers pulled.
Those whose papers have been certified by our office have been bolded.

Office Name Address Papers Pulled
Mayor Patrick Michael Keefe, Jr. 44 Kilburn St 5/1/2023
Mayor Gerry Visconti 29 Case Dr 5/1/2023
Mayor Steven Morabito 122 Suffolk Ave 5/1/2023
Mayor Daniel Rizzo 35 Roland Rd 5/15/2023
Councillor at Large Anthony T. Zambuto 87 High St 5/1/2023
Councillor at Large Wayne D. Rose 19 Thorndike St 5/1/2023
Councillor at Large Juan Pablo Jaramillo 70 Lowe St 5/1/2023
Councillor at Large Stephen Damiano, Jr. 172 Prospect Ave 5/1/2023
Councillor at Large Anthony Parziale 51 Arcadia St 5/1/2023
Councillor at Large Joseph Maglione 70 Roosevelt St 5/1/2023
Councillor at Large Marc Silvestri 100 Shirley Ave 5/1/2023
Councillor at Large Robert J. Haas, III 161 Fenley St 5/1/2023
Councillor at Large Christian A. Majano Ortez 51 Sagamore St 5/2/2023
Councillor at Large Edward J. Almeida 40 Arcadia St 5/3/2023
Councillor at Large Michelle Kelley 99 Derby Rd 5/3/2023
Councillor at Large Alexander Rhalimi 34 Highland St 5/18/2023
Councillor at Large Donald E. Martelli 39 Dale St 5/23/2023
Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna 830 Winthrop Ave 5/8/2023
Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky 53 Dehon St 5/2/2023
Ward 2 Councillor Danielle Osterman 14 Walnut Pl #4 5/22/2023
Ward 3 Councillor Anthony Saverio Cogliandro 105 Newman St 5/1/2023
Ward 4 Councillor Paul Argenzio 245 Reservoir Ave 5/1/2023
Ward 4 Councillor Herby Jean-Baptiste 321 Proctor Ave 5/11/2023
Ward 5 Councillor Angela M. Guarino Sawaya 15 Bateman Ave 5/1/2023
Ward 5 Councillor Randall Mondestin 58 Delano Ave 5/1/2023
Ward 6 Councillor Chris Giannino 14 Sigourney St 5/1/2023
School Committee Wayne D. Rose 19 Thorndike St 5/1/2023
School Committee Stacey Bronsdon-Rizzo 510 Revere Beach Blvd #707 5/1/2023
School Committee Jacqueline Monterroso 39 Bryant St 5/2/2023
School Committee Aisha Milbury-Ellis 89 Lancaster Ave 5/9/2023
School Committee John F. Kingston 140 Winthrop Ave 5/11/2023
School Committee Anthony L. Caggiano 103 Patriot Pkwy 5/11/2023
School Committee Frederick A. Sannella 36 Goodwin Ave 5/17/2023

Recent Election Results

Voter Registration

Early & Absentee Voting

Notary Services

The Election Department provides Notary services upon request.  Residents seeking Notary services are requested to call the Election Department prior to their visit to Revere City Hall to review the requirements for notarizing a document.  

Census Information

City Census Information

In March 2023, the Election Department sent a census form to each residence in the city.  We request that you update your household information upon receipt and send it back to our office as soon as possible.  If you are new to the city or have not filled out your census for the current year, contact the Election Department and one will be sent to you to complete and return.

Printable Census Form Available Here

Any voter who does not respond to the annual street listing by the first Monday in June is made inactive and must be sent a confirmation card as required by the National Voter Registration Act.  The voters response to the confirmation card allows the Election Department to update their census information and to process any changes specified on the card.  Voters that do not return the confirmation card before August 1 are required to complete an Affirmation of Current and Continuous Residence and provide identification on Election Day.  

The Federal Census is different from the Annual City Census.  The Federal Census is sent every ten years to every residence in the City of Revere.  Each response received is worth $2,300.00 to the City in Federal funding and Congressional representation.

If you have any questions call the Election Department at 781-286-8200.

Forms and Links


Title Description
Where do I Vote A link to help voters determine their voting locations and elected officials
Federal Post Card Ballot Application UOCAVA ballots for Military and Overseas U.S. Citizens
Campaign Finance Reports Detailed information about City of Revere elected official campaign finance reporting.
OCPF The State's Office of Campaign and Political Finance
Revere's Voting Machines A YouTube video describing the new voting machines
Máquinas de votación de Revere Información importante sobre las nuevas máquinas electorales de Revere
List of Polling Locations An updated list of current polling locations.
Interactive Election Results Check out our new interactive results feature.
Traditional Election Results The traditional way of publishing and viewing results.
Change of Precincts Letter A letter to Mayor Arrigo and the City Council regarding changes to precincts for the 2020 Elections
Reprecincting Approved Ward/Precinct Map Unanimously approved by the Revere City Council on November 22, 2021.
Redrawing Revere Details Public Engagement page dedicated to communications with the public related to the reprecincting process.


Title Description
Absentee Ballot Application For use by voter or family member.
Vote by Mail Application Print and mail to the Election Department at Revere City Hall.
Solicitud para votar por correo Imprima y envie por correo al Departmento de Elecciones en el Cuidad de Revere.
Solicitud de boleta de votación en ausencia Para uso del elector o miembro de la familia.
Apply to be a Poll Worker
Provide your services to the community and earn a fair wage by working at the polls on Election Day.
2023 Street Index Street listing with wards and precincts.
Your Enrollment as a Voter Description of your enrollment options.
Su Inscripciòn Como Votante Descripción de sus opciones de inscripción.
Revere Precinct Map A map of all Revere Precincts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information & Hours
Election Department Contact Information
Office Hours
Mon. 8 am – 7 pm
Tues. 8 am – 5 pm
Wed. 8 am – 7 pm
Thur. 8 am - 5 pm
Fri. Closed
Notary Services
Upon request.
Paul J. Fahey, MPA
Election Commissioner

781-286-8200 X1
Caitlin C. Welch
Assistant Election Commissioner
781-286-8200 X3
Youssef Asni
Senior Election Clerk
781-286-8200 X2
Doreen Manzi
Election Clerk
781-286-8200 x0
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