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Election Department

Our department directs all Municipal, State and Federal Elections within the City of Revere. We pledge to conduct secure elections, maintain accurate voter registration records, provide voter education, and encourage voter participation. We adhere to Massachusetts General Laws, Campaign Finance Laws, and the
Revised Ordinances of the City of Revere. We provide exceptional customer service to residents and businesses seeking our assistance. The Committee on re-precincting provides a fair and transparent process for the drawing of new precincts. We work toward exceeding the goals set by the Administration while we embrace and value diversity, technology and teamwork.

Next Election: Sept 14, 2021 Municipal Preliminary

Covid-19 Update

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Board of Election Commissioners respectfully request that all Annual City Census forms be returned by US Mail to P.O. Box 246, Revere, MA  02151.   
A census drop box has been placed at the Seaside Pharmacy, 169 Shirley Avenue.  
Any Revere resident may deposit their completed census form in this census drop box.
All census drop boxes are emptied weekly. 
The completed forms are delivered to Revere City hall for processing. 
No postage is needed when using the drop boxes.

2021 Municipal Election

Candidates Seeking Nomination

Name Address Status
At Large
*Steven Morabito 122 Suffolk Avenue Certified
Daniel Rizzo 35 Roland Road Certified
*George J. Rotondo 9 Dehon Street #6 Certified
Marc Silvestri 501 Revere Beach Parkway #4 Certified
*Gerry Visconti 29 Case Drive Certified
*Anthony T. Zambuto 87 High Street Certified
Ward 1
*Joanne McKenna 830 Winthrop Avenue Certified
Ward 2
*Ira Novoselsky 53 Dehon Street #1 Certified
Manuel Carrero, Jr. 17 Waverly Avenue #2 Certified
Ward 3
Anthony Saverio Cogliandro 105 Newman Street Certified
Michael Joseph Roncevich 106 Pitcairn Street Certified
Wayne Douglas Rose 19 Thorndike Street #2 Certified
Albert J. Terminiello, Jr. 24 Temple Street #3 Certified
Ward 4
*Patrick Michael Keefe, Jr. 44 Kilburn Street Certified
Ward 5
Ronald J. Clark 98 Whitin Avenue Certified
Al Fiore 350 Revere Beach Boulevard 6-6E Certified
Christian A. Majano Ortez 51 Sagamore Street #1 Certified
*John F. Powers 46 Neponset Street Certified
Ward 6
*Richard Joseph Serino 50 Carlson Avenue Certified
School Committee
Vanessa J. Biasella 10 Robert Street Certified
*Stacey Bronsdon-Rizzo 510 Revere Beach Boulevard #707 Certified
Jacqueline Chavez 39 Bryant St #1 Certified
*Anthony D'Ambrosio 33 Prospect Avenue Certified
*Michael A. Ferrante 59 Burbank Street Certified
*Susan J. Gravellese 43 Randall Road Certified
John F. Kingston 140 Winthrop Avenue Certified
Aisha Milbury-Ellis 89 Lancaster Avenue Certified
*Frederick A. Sannella 36 Goodwin Avenue Certified
*Carol A. Tye 51 Endicott Avenue #2 Certified
* Denotes Incumbent    

2021 Municipal Election Calendar

Date Event
Wed Jan 20, 5pm Last date and time for all candidates and non-elected Public Officials to file their 2020 Campaign Finance report. Period covered is 01/01/2020 to 12/31/2020.
Mon May 3, 8:15am Nomination papers are available from the Election Department. 
Tue July 27, 5pm Last date and time to file nomination papers with the Election Department for certification of signatures. 
Wed Aug 11, 5pm Last date and time to post a List of Candidates 
Thur Aug 12, 5pm Last date and time for filing withdrawals from or objections to nomination. Candidates wanting to withdraw must submit a notarized letter. The letter cannot be notarized by the staff in the Election Department.
Thur Aug 12, 5:01pm Drawing for the ballot position for the Preliminary Election.  Drawing is held in the Election Department.  

Wednesday, August 25
8:00 p.m.

Last date and time to register to vote for the September 14, 2021 Preliminary. 

Tuesday, September 7
5:00 p.m.
Last date and time for candidates on the ballot to file their first Campaign Finance report for 2021.  Period covered is 01/01/2021 - 08/27/2021.  
Tuesday, September 7
5:00 p.m. 
Last date and time to post the warrant for the preliminary.
Wed Sep 8, 5pm Last date and time to request an absentee ballot by mail
Mon Sep 13, 5pm Last date and time to file an application for an absentee ballot in person.
Mon Sep 20, 5pm Last date and time for filing withdrawals of or objections to nomination made at the preliminary and for filing written acceptances by write-in or sticker candidates that won in the preliminary.  The last day to file a recount petition. 
Wed Oct 13, 8pm Last date and time to register to vote for the Municipal Election. 
Mon Oct 25, 5pm Last date and time for all candidates and non-elected public officials to file the second Campaign Finance report for 2021. Period covered is 08/28/2021 to 10/15/2021. If a preliminary is not held the period covered is 01/01/2021 to 10/15/2021.
Tue Oct 26, 5pm Last date and time to post the warrant for the Municipal Election. 
Wed Oct 27, 5pm Last date and time to request an absentee ballot by mail
Mon Nov 1, 12pm Last date and time to file an application for an absentee ballot in person.
Tuesday, November 2, 2021, MUNICIPAL ELECTION.
Fri Nov 12, 5pm Last date and time to file a recount petition.  
Thur Jan 20, 5pm Last date and time for all candidates and non-elected public officials to file the 2021 year-end Campaign Finance report. The period covered is 10/16/2021 to 12/31/2021.

Recent Election Results

Interactive Election Results

Voter Registration

Absentee Voting

Notary Services

The Election Department provides Notary services upon request.  Residents seeking Notary services are requested to call the Election Department prior to their visit to Revere City hall to review the requirements for notarizing a document.  

Census Information

Forms and Links


Title Description
Reprecincting Presentation May 17, 2021 A presentation made by the City to community and elected leaders on the 2021 Reprecincting process.
Where do I Vote A link to help voters determine their voting locations and elected officials
Federal Post Card Ballot Application UOCAVA ballots for Military and Overseas U.S. Citizens
Campaign Finance Reports Detailed information about City of Revere elected official campaign finance reporting.
OCPF The State's Office of Campaign and Political Finance
Revere's Voting Machines A YouTube video describing the new voting machines
Máquinas de votación de Revere Información importante sobre las nuevas máquinas electorales de Revere
List of Polling Locations An updated list of current polling locations.
Interactive Election Results Check out our new interactive results feature.
Traditional Election Results The traditional way of publishing and viewing results.
Change of Precincts Letter A letter to Mayor Arrigo and the City Council regarding changes to precincts for the 2020 Elections


Title Description
Absentee Ballot Application For use by voter or family member.
Vote By Mail Application English and Spanish Print and mail to the Revere Elections Commission.
Solicitud de boleta de votación en ausencia Para uso del elector o miembro de la familia.
Apply to be a Poll Worker
Provide your services to the community and earn a fair wage by working at the polls on Election Day.
2020 Street Index Street listing with wards and precincts.
Your Enrollment as a Voter Description of your enrollment options.
Su Inscripciòn Como Votante Descripción de sus opciones de inscripción.
Revere Precinct Map A map of all Revere Precincts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information & Hours
Election Department Contact Information
Office Hours
Mon.-Thur. 8:15am-5pm
Fri. 8:15am-12:15pm
Notary Services
Upon request.
Diane R. Colella
Election Commissioner

781-286-8200 X1
Caitlin C. Welch
Assistant Election Commissioner
781-286-8200 X3
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