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Diane R. Colella, Election Commissioner
(781) 286-8200 X1, dcolella@revere.org

Interactive Election Results (2010 - 2018)

Mission Statement

To operate fairly and impartially while adhering to Massachusetts General Laws, Campaign Finance Laws and the Revised Ordinances of the City of Revere when assisting candidates and constituents in all aspects of the Electoral process.  To provide exceptional customer service to residents seeking our assistance.

Election Commission/Election Department

The primary goal of the Election Department is to promote voter registration and participation in the Electoral process to the residents of the City of Revere.  Online voter registration is now available at the Secretary of State's website at www.sec.state.ma.us/ele/eleidx.htm.  Choose the Online Voter Registration icon to access the application.  Any Massachusetts citizen being sixteen years of age (16) can preregister or eighteen years of age (18) can register with a valid identification card issued by the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) may apply to preregister or register to vote, change you name or address for voter registration purposes or enroll in a political party, change your party or unenroll from a party.    

Additionally, through the Motor Voter Law, residents may register to vote in person or make changes to their voter registration information at any City/Town Hall in the Commonwealth, at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, at any State Agency or by mail.  If you would like us to send you a Mail-In Registration form, a Change of Party Card, or a Change of Address Card to be completed at your convenience, please call our office at (781) 286-8200.

Elections are conducted in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws and the Revised Ordinances of the City of Revere.  The Election Commission administers Campaign Finance Law for Candidates and Committees that file on the Municipal level.  Campaign Finance reports are reviewed and posted to the cities website and maintained there for six years from the date of the relevant Election.  

The Election Department serves as a link to the residents of the city by conducting an Annual City Census and an annual Street List Book.  Census data is used to determine Congressional representation and Legislative Districts, provide community services, funding for Revere Public Schools, elderly housing benefits, veterans benefits, and state and federal funding for other vital programs.  

The Election Department provides a variety of supplemental services to assist residents within the community.  We offer proof of residence for tax abatement's, welcome home bonuses for veteran's in the Armed Forces of the United States, life certificates for pension renewals, voter ID cards, and notary public services.  For fees related to these services, please contact our office.

Who receives UOCAVA Ballots?

UOCAVA ballots are requested by Military and Overseas U.S. Citizens. To obtain a Federal Post Card Application go to FVAP.gov.  

If you are a UOCAVA Voter and would like to track your ballot please visit the website at 

On Election Day

How do I find out where to vote?
You have several options:
1. Secretary of State's Website
2. List of Polling locations with street index
3. You may also call the office (781) 286-8200, and we will look up the information for you.

What are the Polling Hours?

On Election Day the polls are open from 7am to 8pm.  If you have questions on Election Day the Election Department at Revere City Hall is open during that same time.

Does the Election Department offer rides to the polls?

Unfortunately, the Election Department does not have the resources to provide rides to the polls on Election Day. If you need a ride, please contact one of the candidates running for office.

How will Precinct changes affect me?

Precinct changes were effective on January 1, 2012. Although the majority of the changes occurred in Ward Six, some additional streets were affected. Notices were sent in February 2012 to any voter whose polling location had changed.  For information on your specific address, please contact the Election Department at 781-286-8200.

Reprecincting map


What is an Inactive Voter?

An inactive voter is a voter who has not updated their voter information with the Election Department in the current year. There are three ways that inactive voters may become active: 1. Respond to the census 2. Sign a petition and/or nomination paper 3. Vote. If you are an inactive voter on Election Day, you will need to fill out an Affirmation of Current and Continuous Residence and provide suitable written or electronic identification to confirm that your voter information has not changed.

Census Information

When does the Annual City Census come out and when should it be returned?
During the first week of January each year, the Election Department sends a census form to each residence in the city. We request that you please update your household information upon receipt and send it back to our office as soon as possible. In the first week in June, we will send confirmation cards to all voters who have not replied, requesting that they attest to and/or update their information. It is very important that all residents fill out their census because it will determine how much aid our city will receive for many vital programs including the Revere Public Schools. If you have not received a Census, please call our office, and we will provide you with one.  Drop off sites are available until May 1st of each year, no postage necessary.  They are located at The Revere Public Library, 179 Beach Street, Revere Housing Authority, 70 Cooledge Street, St. Jean's Credit Union, 184-186 Shirley Avenue, Citizens Bank, 385 Broadway, East Boston Savings Bank, 126 Squire Road, Rosetti-Cowan Senior Center, 25 Winthrop Avenue, and the Post Office Professional Building, 300 Broadway, Outer Lobby. 

Please note: The City Census is not the same as the Federal Census. The Federal Census comes out every ten years, whereas the City Census comes out every January. A response to the City Census is essential in maintaining your voter status.
**If you are new to the city or have not filled out your census in the current year contact the Election Department and one will be sent to you to complete and return.  

**For data regarding the 2010 Federal Census go to factfinder2.census.gov
If you have any additional questions, we are here to help you. Please contact us at (781) 286-8200.


How do I vote Absentee?

If you are unable to make it to the polls on Election Day and would like to vote absentee, please request an Absentee Ballot Application from the Election Department. Although we prefer you to fill out our application, we will also accept a signed, hand-written request for an Absentee Ballot with the voter’s contact information clearly provided.  The deadline to apply for an absentee ballot is 12:00 p.m. (noon) the day before each Election.  

When is the last day that I may register to vote before an election?

Voter registration closes twenty days before an election. This date generally falls on a Wednesday. For your convenience, the Election Department remains open until 8:00 pm on that day. You may register to vote in person at Revere City Hall, by U.S. Mail or on line at www.sec.state.ma.us/ovr.  All changes to your voter information for the upcoming election must also be made by that date. The Pleasant Street entrance to Revere City Hall is handicap accessible.

Who can register to vote?

To register or pre-register to vote in Massachusetts you must meet the requirements listed below:

  1. You must be a United States Citizen.
  2. You must be a resident of Massachusetts.
  3. You must be at least 16 years old to pre-register to vote.
  4. You must be 18 years old on or before Election Day to register to vote.
How do I register to vote?

There are several ways that you can register to vote:

  1. You may register to vote online at the Secretary of States Online Voter Registration website. www.sec.state.ma.us
  2. By Mail: You may call our office (781)286-8200 and request us to send you a voter registration form to complete and return.
  3. In Person: You may come into the Election Office at Revere City Hall and register to vote or request a voter registration.
  4. At Other State Agencies: You can register to vote at the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) when completing your driver’s license application or when applying for social services such as welfare, food stamps, WIC, etc.
How is my voting affected if I?

…If I change my name?
Whenever you change your name, you must reregister to vote under your new name. To ensure that we process your request as soon as possible, please be sure to list your former name on the voter registration card.


…If I move?
Whenever you move to another city or state you must register to vote in that city or state and note your former address on the voter registration card. If you move to another residence within the same city, please call our office and request a change of address card so that we can update you in our system. If you move to a new city or state but do not intend to register to vote, we require that you sign a written request to be deleted from our system. This can either be in the form of a letter or you can request the election office to send you a confirmation card.

Where can I find information on different political parties?

The Election Office does not offer information on the various political parties. Instead we encourage you to contact them directly:

Massachusetts Democratic Party D
77 Summer Street, 10th floor
Boston, MA 02110
Telephone number: (617) 939-0800
Fax number: (617) 426-5126

Massachusetts Republican Party  R
85 Merrimac St., Suite 400
Boston, MA 02114
Telephone number: (617) 523-5005
Fax number: (617) 523-6311

Massachusetts Libertarian Party   L
Cris Crawford
(617) 902-0650

Green Rainbow Party                      J
(413) 650-6542
50 Atherton Street
Boston, MA  02119-3143



How do I change my Party?

Voters may change their Party enrollment by visiting the Secretary of States Online Voter Registration site at www.sec.state.ma.us.  They may also call the Election Department at (781)286-8200 and request a change of party card to be completed and returned.

What does Unenrolled Status mean?

Unenrolled Status means that you do not belong to any Political Party or Designation. It is the new “independent” status. If you are Unenrolled and choose to vote in a State Primary, you may request a ballot for one of the four political parties: Democrat - (D), Republican - (R), Green Rainbow - (J) and Libertarian Party - (L).  Choosing a ballot for a specific party does not change your enrollment status.  If you are Unenrolled before an election, you will remain Unenrolled after the election.

You may change your party online at www.sec.state.ma.us or you may contact the Election Department at 781-286-8200 and a change of party card will be mailed to you to complete and return.