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Welcome to the Revere Geographic Information Systems -- Revere GIS -- home page. This site has been developed and published with the assistance of CDM Smith.

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Revere GIS

About Revere GIS

Revere GIS provides access to a number of useful mapping features and tools. For most people, it can be most useful for pulling abutters lists, accessing assessing data, and viewing property lines. Revere GIS also provides layers that can display voting information, trash pickup and street cleaning schedules, snow emergency parking arteries, Federal Emergency Management floodzones, MBTA information and more. Maps can be created with a variety of different layers, at different zoom levels, and printed to PDF or shared. There are even a few drawing tools you can use to enhance your maps.

The City of Revere provides this GIS mapping tool for information purposes only. While the City makes every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of the content, it cannot guarantee that this information is completely up-to-date or accurate. Users are responsible for determining its suitability for their intended use or purposes.

Below are a few links that may be helpful:

If you don't find the information you are seeking at the Revere GIS site, the state also offers a Massachusetts GIS map called Oliver, with a number of different layers available. The City of Revere is not responsible for any inaccuracies found on the state's GIS site, nor does the City provide any support for this site.

Thank you, and Happy Mapping.

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