Sumner Tunnel

From July 5-August 31, the Sumner Tunnel will be closed for restorations.Plan ahead.


Revere City Hall Departments will now be open on Mondays and Wednesdays until 7:00 PM to better serve our residents. Fridays will now be closed.


Complete the 2023 City Census today!Learn more here.

Boards and Commissions

The City of Revere has a number of Boards and Commissions that help oversee or run major city functions. Most of these Boards and Commissions are open and available for qualified and interested city residents to join.* Scroll down for the full list of active boards and current membership.

Mayor Brian Arrigo urges residents with an interest in joining to apply to be a member of a board or commission. "I suspect that in a City of over 62,000 residents, there are many bright and imaginative people who could offer new ideas and insights to the local government's function," said the Mayor, announcing "I'm looking for those people."

Note the following list of Boards and Commissions are available to members of the public. Total members and expired or open seats are noted. Current members with expired or expiring terms must re-apply if they wish to be considered for renewal.

Board or Commission Maximum Total Members Open/Expired Seats Seats Expiring in Next 12 Months  
Affordable Housing Trust Fund 9 2 0 Apply
Board of Health 3 2 0 Apply
Conservation Commission 7 2 3 Apply
Cultural Council 22 15 0 Apply
Disability Commission 9 5 0 Apply
Elder Affairs 18 2 0 Apply
Election Commission 4 1 0 Apply
Historical Commission 7 6 1 Apply
Housing Authority 5 2 0 Apply
Human Rights Commission 11 5 3 Apply
Library Board 8 3 0 Apply
License Commission 3 1 0 Apply
Planning Board 9 4 1 Apply
Public Art Commission 7 0 0 Apply
Retirement Board 5 0 0 Apply
Zoning Board of Appeals 6 1 0 Apply
*A few Boards and Commissions only have spots for city staff, by ordinance. Those are not listed above.

All applicants MUST also email an updated resume to


Public Meeting Schedule

Board and Commission Members/Descriptions 

Below is a description of all Boards and Commissions, with a list of existing members and terms. Board Chairs/Presidents are listed in Bold. 

Mayor Proposed Boards

In Mayor Brian Arrigo's 2020 Inaugural Address, he proposed a number of new City Boards, which will be submitted for consideration to the City Council.

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