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Zoning Board of Appeals

The mission of the Zoning Board of Appeals is to hear and decide applications in a timely, professional, and impartial manner for property owners requesting variances of the Zoning Ordinances, appealing decisions of the Building Inspector, or requesting comprehensive permits pursuant to MGL Chapter 40B.

About the ZBA

Zoning Board of Appeals Members

Member Title Address
Michael G. Tucker Chairman 9 Ellerton Street, Revere, MA 02151
Alfred Buccilli Member 56 Lynnbrooke Rd., Lynnfield, MA 01940
Aklog Limeneh Member 18 Belle Isle Ave., Revere, MA 02151
John Lopes Member 62 Crest Ave., Revere, MA 02151
Arthur Pelton Alternate Member 26 High St., Unit 1, Revere, MA 02151

ZBA Application and Procedure

ZBA Application

The City of Revere Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) requires all applicants seeking a special permit, variance or an appeal to the ZBA to submit the following documents:

  1. An application for a special permit, variance, or an appeal to the ZBA.
  2. A Building Inspector’s or Site Plan Review Committee denial form stating the reasons for the denial of a building permit.
  3. A certified plot plan stamped by a registered engineer or land surveyor illustrating the special permit requested. Any application presented to the ZBA without a certified plot plan, stamped by a registered engineer or land surveyor illustrating the special permit requested, will be denied a hearing and tabled until such plot plan is submitted with application for hearing.
  4. Applicant is required to secure a certified list of abutters and abutters to the abutter as required by Chapter 40A, Section 11 of the Massachusetts General Laws from the City of Revere Board of Assessors and the Board of Assessors of neighboring cities and towns if required, and submit said certified list(s) to the City Clerk’s Office with the completed application and separate checks listed on the next page. (The Board of Assessors shall provide a hard copy of the certified list(s) and two (2) sets of mailing labels to facilitate the mailing of first notices and decision notices.)
  5. The required fees for submission of an appeal to the ZBA.
  6. Photos of the site and or structures.

Please note that applications for a special permit or variances or appeals will not be accepted unless the applicant fulfills all of the application requirements of the ZBA.

Plot Plan Requirements

Relative to the Submission of Variance Application to the Zoning Board of Appeals

Special Application to the Revere City Council

  1. Applications to the Zoning Board of Appeals must include a plot plan illustrated in black ink on 8½’ x 14; mylar suitable for recording in the Suffolk Country Registry of Deeds in accordance with Suffolk Country Registry of Deeds’ standards.
  2. The plot plan must illustrate lot or lots for which application is submitted. Multiple lots assembled to form a buildable lot must be illustrated with hash lines between lots to indicate location of multiple lots. Applications for variances for subdivsion purposes must include existing lot lines illustrated with hash lines as well as proposed new lot lines illustrated by bold lines. Plot plans submitted for variance for subdivision purposes must include existing as well as proposed lot numbers.
  3. The plot plan must illustrate lot dimensions, i.e., lot frontage and lot size. Plan must also illustrate yard dimensions, i.e., front, side and rear yard setbacks.
  4. Plot plan must include calculations of percentage of principal building coverage on the lot, usable open space and current and proposed building and/or structure height. (See section 17.24.010 of Revere Zoning Ordinances for reference.)
  5. Plot plan must illustrate parking spaces. (See Section 17.28.020 of Revere Zoning Ordinances for requirements.)
  6. Plot plan must indicate current zoning designation of lot as well as street address of lot.
  7. Plan must illustrate all existing structure, stairs, decks, chimney foundations, swimming pools, sheds, patios, etc.
  8. Plan must illustrate the exact distance of structures on direct abutting properties in proximity to the applicant’s property.
  9. Plan must indicate the names of direct abutters illustrated on their adjoining properties.
  10. Plan must illustrate the amount of new increased square footage being requested by this application.
  11. Plan must illustrate the proposed number of stories and height of the proposed structure.
Contact Information & Hours
Mon.-Thur. 8:15am-5pm
Fri. 8:15am-12:15pm
Ashley E. Melnik
Clerk of the Zoning Board of Appeals

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