Trash & Recycling Program FAQ


Please visit to find your regularly-scheduled trash, recycling and yard waste days.   

The City of Revere is providing each residence with a new blue trash cart. These 65-gallon carts with secure lids will help keep our city clean by keeping trash off the streets and eliminating a food source for rodents. Limiting your waste and separating your waste into recycling and trash also helps the city save money. 

You can now purchase an additional trash barrel for $75 by visiting New Cart Purchase Instructions (PDF) are available. 

As residents adapt to the use of the new barrels and the new trash collection policies, the City will refrain from issuing fines for the use of non-compliant trash receptacles. Please check the City's website and Facebook page for updates.

These are answers to questions most likely to arise.

Why do I have a new blue trash cart?

The blue trash cart is for your weekly trash disposal. Only the blue city-issued barrels may be used for weekly trash collection EXCEPT during the six weeks designated for overflow curbside pickup. 

My blue trash cart was stolen, what should I do?

First you must file a Stolen Property report with the Revere Police. Once you have completed that report, file a request for a replacement bin with the Revere 311, and provide a copy of your police report.

How do I purchase an additional barrel?

You can now purchase an additional trash barrel for $75 by visiting

After you have logged in (create a new registration if you haven't done so), you can select "Apply for a Permit" and it will allow you to request an additional trash cart. Complete the small number of questions, and once City staff have a chance to review your request we will let you know when to pay and schedule delivery.

Complete New Cart Purchase Instructions (PDF) are available. 

Will there be an in-person option to purchase a additional cart?

Yes. We are working on this, and it should be available by January, 2019.

What if I have too much trash to fit inside my cart?

Residents have three options for overflow trash that does not fit inside the cart:

  • Order one extra trash cart from the City for a one-time fee of $75.
  • Place extra trash out on one of six designated holidays per year: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Even on these holidays, trash must be placed inside a secure bin with a lid. No trash bags of any kind on the ground.    
  • Bring your extra trash to the City Yard, 321 Charger St, Revere, on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month between 7 am-noon for a $3 per bag fee.

When are the Overflow Holidays?

The six designated weeks are the weeks of New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day (Fourth of July), Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Overflow trash will be collected on your first scheduled trash collection day following the respective holiday. So, for example, if Christmas falls on Monday, overflow trash can be placed out for collection on your regularly scheduled day that week.

My lid won’t close because I have a lot of extra trash in the bin, is that ok?

No. This is called “snow-coning” and is not acceptable. To keep rodents away, all trash cart lids must be closed. To dispose of overflow trash and avoid being fined, drop it off at DPW on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month between 7:00 AM and noon for $3 per bag, use a personal bin with a secure lid on a designated holiday weeks, or order an extra blue cart.

Which residents received a new trash cart?

Every unit of every building containing 6 or fewer residential units should have received a new cart.

Will my trash collection pick up day change?

No. Visit or call 311 to confirm your collection day. 

Why do I have to pay for an additional trash cart?

The City is providing one large-capacity, high quality trash cart to all residents for free.The City of Revere is asking for a one-time cost to handle the higher capacity of trash. The reality is that the vast majority of communities charge an annual fee for overflow trash, rather than a one-time charge. 


What do I do with my current trash receptacle?

Residents have the option to hang onto old barrels with covers, which can be used for six overflow holidays listed below. Barrels without covers can be used for yard waste pickup. If you would prefer that the City take away your old barrel, put the barrel out with your trash with a large and visible written note “Take This Barrel” taped on the empty barrel in question. This is to ensure no confusion by the Sanitation Collectors between barrels meant to be put out for collection and those which are not.

If you do keep your barrel for overflow collection, the barrel must have a lid securely placed on the barrel opening. 

The six designated weeks for overflow trash collection are the weeks of:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (Fourth of July)
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

Overflow trash will be collected on your first scheduled trash collection day following the respective holiday.  So, for example, if Christmas falls on Monday, overflow trash can be placed out for collection on your regularly scheduled day that week.

What happens if I don't use my new blue trash cart?

Once the grace period ends, the City's trash collection company will ONLY take the new blue carts except during the six designated weeks listed above.  If you do not use the blue trash cart during any other week, your trash will not be collected, and the City's Inspectional Services Department will be notified and you may be assessed a fine for improper trash disposal.  

Why can’t residents use their own barrels instead of the new ones?

The new barrels have tracking devices that record data about trash pickups around the city. This information can be used to improve trash collection methods that could lead to tax savings in the future. Besides data collection, the tracking device helps the city track down stolen barrels, and allows the trash trucks to keep a record of where bulky items have been picked up or where there may be other issues related to trash at a certain address. The tracking devise also allows the City to record when a barrel has not been picked up. This improves communication between the City and the Sanitation Collectors. Residents should keep at least one existing barrel for the six annual overflow holiday weeks. Residents should also use the next several weeks to see whether the 65-gallon cars are adequate before rushing to purchase an additional cart. If we as a community can make our trash collection more efficient and effective, we can start to slow down the dramatic increase in trash removal expenses.

My building has 7 (or more) units, and has always had the city pick up trash previously. Why did I not receive a barrel?

Properties eligible for municipal trash collection in Revere are capped at 6 residential units. Buildings with 7 or more residences will not receive new barrels, and need to arrange private trash collection. For any property with 7 or more units that has previously received municipal trash pickup, you will have until January 1 to arrange private trash collection.

My building has more units than the number of trash carts we received. Who can I contact about that?

You should contact the City Assessor's Office at 781-286-8170, so that we can correct the information the City maintains about your property.

Can I take my blue trash cart with me when I move?

If you purchased  an additional trash cart(s), it can be taken with you if you move within the City of Revere, please notify 311 of the address change. If you are moving outside of the City, the new blue carts are the property of the City of Revere and must remain with the property to which the cart is assigned. The carts are equipped with tracking devices and can be located if they are improperly removed from the assigned property. 

The lid on my new blue trash cart won’t close tightly, is my lid broken?

New cart lids may be warped during the distribution process. During the next couple of weeks, they should settle in place. Call 311 to report sustained damage.

What should I do if my trash cart breaks?

The trash carts are built to be sturdy and resilient. If you have an issue, contact Revere 311 (781-286-8311) or The City will send someone to check on your cart, determine if it can be repaired, or swap it out as needed.

What should I do with bulky items like a couch, furniture, white goods, or mattress?

Visit to register and apply for a Bulky Item Pickup, or call 311 for assistance. The deadline for next day Bulky Item Pickup is 3:00 PM Monday through Thursday, and 10:00 AM Friday. If you apply later than that time, your items may not be eligible for pickup until the following week.

Can I put leaves or yard waste in my blue trash cart?

No.  Yard waste should be put out separately in yard waste bags or open trash barrels.  Find the yard waste pickup schedule online at or call 311.

What about the brown trash cart I already have?

The brown cart is NOT for trash.  It is for Recycling ONLY.  Recycling is collected every two weeks on your usual trash collection day.  Very strict rules apply to recycling, and you may refer to the chart below.  Items  acceptable for recycling that contained food or other product must be rinsed cleaned before they are placed in your recycling trash cart. If you are unsure, call 311 for advice.

What items can I recycle?


A printable version of the Recycling Guidelines.

What do I do if my trash/recycling/bulky item wasn't picked up?

If your trash, recycling, or paid-for bulky item wasn't picked up on the regular schedule, contact Revere 311 no later than noon on the day after the missed pickup, and we will work with our Sanitation Contractor Capitol Waste to get your items picked up. If you call later than that, the pickup likely won't happen until your scheduled pickup the following week. 


For any Bulky Item that was missed, be sure to email with your permit number or address and the items you are putting out, so we can reschedule the pickup of your item. Capitol Waste won't pick up any item not on their provided list for that day.

Still have questions?

Contact Revere 311 (781-286-8311) or