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Land Development Guide

The guide presents the different types of permits that may be required for a development project and identifies which City departments should be contacted to submit a permit or ask for help. Please be aware that this guide is intended for use as a source of general information and does not carry the force of law. Also, this guide reviews the local permitting process; it does not describe permits that may be required by federal or state agencies.

A Clear and Predictable Permitting Process

Developing property-whether starting a new business or building a new home-can be complicated. We'll work to ensure you have all the information you need to make the right investment decision in the City of Revere.

The Revere Land Development Guide was created to provide guidance for the different permits and boards involved in this process. But here is an outline of the key steps:

  1. Once you've identified a location, meet with City Planner Frank Stringi in the Department of Planning and Community Development to discuss your plans.
  2. File for Site Plan Review on Citizenserve. This will enable the Site Plan Review Committee to determine whether your proposed use is allowed under zoning, and what permits and approvals you will need. If you have any questions about Site Plan Review and how to have your project placed on the schedule, please contact Tarik Maddrey.
  3. Larger and more complicated projects: Prior to a formal meeting with the Site Plan Review Committee, schedule an informal review with the Site Plan Review Committee to review your plans with relevant municipal officials. Site Plan Review Committee meets every Tuesday, from 10:00AM-12:30PM, and is available by appointment.

Who's Who in City Hall

To assist applicants in finding the right person to answer their questions, City commissions, boards, and departments that are involved in the development process are listed below. Unless otherwise noted, all offices are located in Revere City Hall.

Does Your Lot Meet Standard Requirements?

Do you have a lot that you intend to build on? See our flow chart here to see if it meets the standard requirements for a buildable lot. Visit to see mapping features and other useful information around the location of your lot. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a certified plot plan for my property?

You should have a mortgage plan from when you purchased the property, but this is not considered a certified plot plan. If you are putting on an addition or building a new structure, you will need a certified plot plan completed by a registered land surveyor. The Engineering Department page will have a list of registered land surveyors in the area which you can choose from.

Forms & Applications

Application for Permit, Permit, and Certificate of completion for the Installation or Alteration of Fuel Oil Burning Equipment and the Storage of Fuel Oil

Application for Standard Permit

Application and Permit for Steel Underground Storage Tank Removal and Transportation to Approved Disposal Yard

Receipt of Disposal of Underground Steel Storage Tank Formerly Containing Flammable Liquids

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