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Nicholas J. Rystrom, P.E., - City Engineer
(781) 286-8152

The Engineering Department is responsible for the oversight of all City infrastructure project (including sewer, water, drain and roads) design and development, as well as for review and approval of all private development City wide.  The Department provides engineering support to other City Departments, and maintains City records and plans related to infrastructure and development.  The Department is also responsible for correction and issuance of street addresses throughout the City.

The Engineering Department is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all residents through infrastructure maintenance, replacement and development.  The Department works specifically with the best interests of the City and its residents in mind.

Currently, the Engineering Department is working closely with the Department of Public Works and City consultants to oversee maintenance, construction and development related to satisfying and complying with the City of Revere Consent Decree that was brought against the City by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection in 2010.

PLEASE NOTE: Information provided on this page is for reference only, please contact the Engineering Department directly for official information at or by calling the Department telephone number listed above

1.) What is a flood zone and is my property located within one?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) categorizes areas located in close proximity to bodies of water as varying in risk of flooding during common storm events.  Location of a property within the flood zones designated by FEMA will typically have an impact on land usage and insurance costs.  To determine if your property is within a flood zone, you can visit our office and view the maps or visit the FEMA website above.

2.) What are the extents of my property or a property that I am interested in purchasing?

The Engineering Dept. can provide reference information to residents who wish to know the approximate size and shape of a 
parcel of land within the City.  8 1/2"  x 11" sized Parcel Maps (for reference only) are available for $1 at the Engineering Dept. 
office.  For those residents seeking to determine the exact location of a property line or land feature, consultation with a MA 
registered land surveyor is required.

3.) When do I need a land survey?

Some scenarios that may warrant a land survey are:

  • When purchasing or selling land

  • Before the land is subdivided by deed or subdivision

  • When a lending institution requires a mortgage loan inspection

  • Before building a house, fence, septic system or other improvements close to the property line

  • When required by the City prior to the issuance of a building or other permit

  • For drainage planning, topographical and subsurface utility studies

  • When purchasing Title Insurance

  • When the property line location is in question and/or an encroachment is suspected

For more information on land survey, or to find a MA registered land surveyor you can visit the 
MA Association of Land Surveyors & Civil Engineers website.

4.) Can I build an addition, add a deck, alter my driveway or make any other changes to my property?

Regulations and restrictions pertaining to development or alteration of property in the City of Revere are set forth in the City Code of Ordinances Residents seeking to make any changes to their property are required to go before Site Plan Review for consultation and approval.  Site Plan Review is held every Tuesday at 10 am in the Building Department. Review is on a first come first served basis.

5.) When should I call Dig Safe?

Dig Safe should be contacted prior to any/all construction. It is the law in MA to call 1-888-DIG-SAFE more than 72 hrs prior to beginning any work.