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From July 5-August 31, the Sumner Tunnel will be closed for restorations.Plan ahead.


Revere City Hall Departments will now be open on Mondays and Wednesdays until 7:00 PM to better serve our residents. Fridays will now be closed.


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Online Bill Payments


  • Effective January 1, 2022: ALL Credit/Debit Card fees will be billed to the taxpayer at 3%. ACH/Check Bank fees will be absorbed by the City.
  • Effective April 5, 2022: All personal property, real estate, and motor vehicle taxes will be paid on a new platform. Residents can create an account at CityHallSystems for their payment convenience. Water and Sewer bills will continue to be paid at the old platform for the time being.
  • Effective June 6, 2022: All 40U Property Violations can also be paid at that same platform.

Revere City Hall Systems Bill Pay

Credit Card payments can also be accepted over the phone at 508-381-5455. 

Credit card payments can be made by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Bills Available For Online Payment

Contact Us

If you are paying Real Estate Tax and you own more than one parcel, you may need to search by bill number, barcode number or by street without number, to find additional parcel information.

Contact Info

If you prefer to pay Motor Vehicle, Real Estate, or Personal Property taxes by phone, please call 508-381-5455, Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5PM ET.

If you are having an issue with a payment, please note the following phone numbers for assistance:

Payment Type Phone Number
All Tax Payments
Water Bill
Please note: Due to high call volume the Collector's Office is requesting that you not call between 12pm and 2pm. 
Parking Tickets 781-629-5127
Additional Trash Cart
Health & Food Licenses
Bulky Item Pickup
781-286-8311 (3-1-1)
Building Permits 781-286-8196
Fire Permits 781-284-0014
Short Term Rental 781-485-8479
Vital Records and Dog Licenses 781-286-8160
Payments Over the Phone 508-381-5455

Instructions for Online Property Violation (40U) Payments

We suggest that you Create an Account and Log in when you utilize this system, so that you have one easy place to track all your violation and tax payments. You can also set up notifications to be aware of when a bill is due.

  • Visit
  • Under Select Bill Type select “40U Property Violations”.
  • Type in your ticket number and Search. If you owe money on that ticket, you can “Add To Cart” the full amount of the outstanding ticket.
  • “Add Additional Items to Cart” if you wish to add pay multiple tickets at one time.
  • When you are ready to pay, select “Proceed to Checkout”.
  • After you have entered your Credit Card or Bank Account information, select “Click here to review…” be sure to follow the final security step to confirm payment.
  • A 3% convenience fee will be added on for Credit Card payments. There is no fee for ACH payments.


  • If the balance on a ticket shows $0 and you have not paid that ticket, you should contact 311 to find out if additional fines have been added to your ticket due to failure to pay, and if it has been moved to your property tax bill. If that is the case, you will only be able to pay that in the Collector’s Office or upon receipt of your tax bill.
  • Unpaid tickets increase by $10 after 21 days, and are increased to $490 after 51 days of nonpayment.
  • If you have filed for an appeal and are awaiting your hearing or a decision, the original amount due will still appear and you can pay at any time, but additional fines won’t be added until 30 days after an appeal finding that upholds any ticket(s).
  • Online payments process overnight, and details of that payment don’t reach city data systems until the following business day.
  • Be sure to save the receipt email for proof of payment.


  • If you think you have experienced an error in the payment process, please forward a copy of your receipt and an explanation of the issue to and/or to the payment processor at Someone will get back to you.

To Pay By Phone

You can make a Credit Card payment over the phone by calling 508-381-5455. Let them know you are making a 40U Property Violation payment for the City of Revere. Provide them the ticket number(s), and they will securely take down your credit card information for that payment. A 3% convenience fee will apply.


Water & Sewer Bills. The site for payments of Water and Sewer Bills is best used with popup and ad blockers turned off.

If using Internet Explorer 11, see the image below for turning off your popup blocker.

Internet Explorer turn off popup blocker

Epermitting. If you have completed all fields on the payment page on CitizenServe and it is not accepting your card, be sure to manually enter your credit card information, and don't use the auto-fill. If that still fails, you may need to try a different browser. 

For City Hall Systems Payments. If you think you have experienced an error in the payment process, please forward a copy of your receipt and an explanation of the issue to and/or to the payment processor at Someone will get back to you.

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