2022 Revere Smoke Testing Program

Sewer smoke testing may be happening in your neighborhood. If you see smoke, do not be alarmed. Please see here to learn more about the program

Office of the Parking Clerk

The Office of the Parking Clerk advances the City's vision for efficient and effective parking solutions that support economic growth and development while providing residents, visitors and business owners with easy to use technology, clear information and operational transparency.

Residential Parking Stickers

City-Wide Overnight Parking Program

The City-Wide Overnight Parking Permit Program is in effect.

2022 Permit Stickers & Zones (Update: 1/21/2022)

The City Of Revere Parking Department will honor 2021 Permits into the new year! March 1st, 2022 will be date of expiration for all 2021 permits/placards. Mailing of the new permits will begin on the 1st & 2nd week of February. Visitor Placards for 2022 have been available since 2/01/2022 (you must apply to receive one).

If you do not receive a permit in the mail during the 3rd week of February then please visit the office to apply for a sticker on Monday - Thursday at 8:15am - 5:00pm or on Fridays at 8:15am - 12:15pm. Also, you may contact us by phone: 781-629-2542 or 781-629-5127 and Email: Parking@Revere.org for more information on alternative ways to apply for a sticker or pick a sticker up at your convenience.

Please note: All 2021-2022 late/marked Parking tickets and Excise taxes must be up to current in order for you to receive a 2022 resident permit. Visitor permits require you to fill out an application and payment. We DO NOT mail visitor permits unless an application is filled and proper documents with fee are settled.

Residential Parking Regulations

A resident sticker is required to park on any city street between the hours of 12 am and 6 am daily, except holidays. 24/7 “Resident Parking Only” parking restrictions are in place on multiple streets in most neighborhoods of Revere. The program prevents long-term parking by non-residents on residential streets. You need a permit to avoid getting a ticket.

If you applied online and were not able to find your street listed or are inquiring about an application status please contact City Hall Systems to add your address or check your application status.

City Hall System Contact Information:

Monday - Friday: 8:30AM - 5:00PM
Email: ePay@CityHallSystems.com
Phone : 508-381-5455 or 508-381-5456

More Details of the Program

City Wide overnight parking hours of enforcement will be 12 am to 6 am daily, excluding holidays.

Residential Zones

The permit is free to residents whose vehicles are registered to a Revere address and do not have any outstanding parking tickets or excise taxes due to the City. If you have not received a permit in the mail you must apply. For details and how to apply click Details of the Program.

Apply Online

DCR - Revere Beach

DCR Beach Parking Update: 3/14/2022


Revere Beach Blvd: Eliot Circle to Revere Street (both sides) – including parking on Eliot Circle

  • No Parking 9AM-10AM / 4 Hour Limit… (This restriction is also posted on Chester Ave.)
  • No Parking During Posted Street Sweeping
  • No Parking During Snow Emergency
  • Other Restrictions As Posted: HP Parking, No Parking, etc.

Revere Beach Blvd: Revere Street to Carey Circle – including parking on Eliot Circle

Beach Side:

  • No Parking 10PM-7AM
  • No Parking During Posted Street Sweeping
  • No Parking During Snow Emergency
  • Other Restrictions As Posted: HP Parking, No Parking, etc.

Inland Side:

  • No Parking During Posted Street Sweeping
  • No Parking During Snow Emergency
  • Other Restrictions As Posted: HP Parking, No Parking, etc.

Ocean Ave: Eliot Circle to Revere Street (both sides)

  • No Parking During Posted Street Sweeping
  • No Parking During Snow Emergency
  • Other Restrictions As Posted: HP Parking, No Parking, etc.
  • 2-Hour Limit As Posted by MGH

For more information please check DCR’s On-Street Parking Program

Ticket Payments

Pay Parking Tickets Online

  1. Pay online at https://www.kelleyryan.com/epay?source=revere_ma

  2. Pay by mail: Do not mail cash.  Pay only by money order or check made payable to the City of Revere.  Write your ticket number and plate number on the front of your payment to ensure proper credit.  Mail the parking violation along with your payment to:

    City of Revere
    Parking Violations

    P.O. Box 203
    Milford, MA  01757

  3. Pay in person at: The Office of the Parking Clerk, 300 Broadway, Revere, MA 02151, Monday to Thursday 8:15 AM to 2:00 PM, Friday 8:15 AM to 12:15 PM Cash, check, money order, credit, and debit cards are acceptable forms of payment.  Only cash, money orders, and credit/debit cards will be accepted as payment for parking violations which are marked at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

4. If the Fine Amount is full payment and received under 21 days of the issue date of the violation, no further action will be taken. If the Fine Amount is unpaid in 21 days a Late Penalty fee of $10.00 will be added. If a Fine goes unpaid for 45 days a penalty of $20.00 will be added as well as a $20.00 RMV Marked Penalty "Non-Renewal of License/Registration"

Street Sweeping

In an effort to keep our streets clean, street sweeping in effect from April 1st to December 31st. Please be advised vehicles parked in violation will be subject to ticketing and towing. Please be aware of signage in your neighborhood for applicable parking restrictions. You can find your street sweeping day on the City's website and sign up free for alerts.


Parking Ticket Appeals

A hearing in person or a hearing by mail may be obtained upon a written request of the registered owner within twenty-one (21) days of the violation date to the Parking Clerk.

You can now submit your Parking Ticket Appeal Online!

Parking Ticket Online Appeal Form

Send your appeal request with relevant contact information, please be sure to include a phone number, ticket number, and ticket date to:

City of Revere
Office of the Parking Clerk 
300 Broadway, Main Floor - Suite #2
Revere, MA 02151

You can also complete your appeal request in person at the Office of the Parking Clerk.

Failure to pay or appeal a parking violation within twenty-one (21) days will result in additional late fees, and may also result in the non-renewal of the registered owner’s driver’s license and/or vehicle registration (M.G.L. c. 90 §§ 20A½ - 20C, and 20E as amended) and may also be subject to the tow and hold provisions of M.G.L. c. 90 § 20A½.  The law does not affect in any way your right to appeal to Superior Court.  

Parking Meters

Parking Meters are active and being enforced from 9 AM to 7 PM Monday through Saturday. Parking is Free on Sundays and Holidays. Please be sure to pay your meter to avoid being ticketed. For contactless payments at the meter download the Passport Parking App (or ParkBoston) free to your mobile device.  


Holidays and Snow Days

Please make a note that on Holidays and during snow emergencies there will be no enforcement occurring from the Parking Department.

There are parking restrictions on major thoroughfares. The full list of restrictions can be found at http://reverepolice.org/snow-emergency-parking/

Please refer to your Revere Code of Ordinances for snow parking restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could I pay my parking tickets with Debit or Credit Cards?

Yes, currently all card payments could be made online at:


Find The Parking Rules On Your Street


- Multi Permit Application (English) 

- Multi Permit Application (Spanish) 

- Hearing Form

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