Safe Housing Task Force

Overcrowding causes numerous problems such as fire hazards, health hazards, and other quality of life issues such as parking and neighborhood disputes. Mayor Arrigo is committed to ensuring each and every resident of the city is protected.

The mayor has created a Safe Housing Task Force which will be charged with creating strategies and solutions to this problem. Officials from the Health and Building Department will be collaborating with the Fire Department and several other departments in order to address illegal housing.

If you have concerns or think there might be an illegal unit in your neighborhood, or in another location around the city, contact 311 or call 3-1-1. When you call, please provide any information you can about property owner and contact information. Health and Fire inspectors are working together to address each individual case.

While this process is ongoing it is important for tenants to understand their rights. If you are currently renting an apartment and would like clarification about your rights as a tenant, you can reach out to Attorney General Martha Coakley’s Office of Consumer Protection at 617-727-2200, or visit The Attorney General has compiled a handbook for Landlord and Tenant Rights. Copies of this handbook are also available in The Mayor's Office at City Hall. If you would like to learn more about your rights you can also stop by the office.

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