2022 Revere Smoke Testing Program

Sewer smoke testing may be happening in your neighborhood. If you see smoke, do not be alarmed. Please see here to learn more about the program

Next Election: Nov 8, 2022

2022 State General Election 

Some polling locations and precinct assignments have recent changed.
Ballot Information To Come

On the General Election Ballots


Candidate Name Home City/Town
Lieutenant Governor
Attorney General
Secretary of State


Candidate Name Home City/Town
Representative in Congress - 5th District
Governor's Councillor - 6th District
State Senator - 3rd Suffolk
State Representative-16th Suffolk*
State Representative-19th Suffolk*
*Note: Check your address to determine if you reside in the 16th or 19th Suffolk State House District.
Suffolk County District Attorney
Suffolk County Sheriff

Sample Ballots

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