How to Start a Business

Do you want to start a business in Revere, but don't know how or need assistance on some of the details? The City of Revere wants your business to thrive; pursuant to this, we've prepared a step-by-step guide describing everything you need to do to start a business and operate it successfully including legal and municipal requirements, business assistance programs, picking a site, and even how to create a business plan.

Step 1: Contact the City's Business Liaison

We’ve listed several organizations and offices that you can contact with questions regarding your business and its commercial environment. In particular, our Business Liaison, John Festa stands ready to answer any of your business-related questions. Please feel free to call at 781-286-8181 or visit the Department of Planning and Community Development

Step 2: Location

Choose a location and draft a detailed floor plan.

Step 3: Business Plan

Before starting to build your venture, you need a plan. A formal business plan is an invaluable tool to help your business succeed. A requirement to obtain certain loans, a business plan addresses the critical goals and challenges of a new business venture and enables entrepreneurs to set benchmarks, evaluate progress, and demonstrate to potential investors that the company has longer term profit-making potential with positive cash flows. We also offer personal assistance via our business liaison, John Festa, who can be contacted at (781) 286-8181.

Step 4: Zoning, Permitting, and Licensing

  • File for Site Plan Review and submit with floor plan and certified plot plan.
  • Receive detailed Zoning Determination from Building Commissioner; Proceed according to instructions in Zoning Determination.
  • Set up inspection and receive Certificate of Inspection.
  • Contact the Fire Prevention Bureau to determine if additional permits are needed.
  • If building or renovating: Submit floorplan and all required documentation for approval for Site Plan Review; Receive building permit.
  • Visit the City of Revere Licensing Office to file for the appropriate license or apply online at
  • Contact the Health Inspections Division to file for additional licenses or apply online at
  • Set up an inspection to receive an inspection certificate

Step 5: Business Certificate

  • Visit the Revere City Clerk's Office.
  • File for a City of Revere business certificate and get form notarized(only if company will be a sole proprietorship or general partnership).
  • Submit notarized form with a check or money order in the amount of the filing fee.

Step 6: Taxes

Visit the Revere City Collector’s Office to make sure you are in good standing.

Step 7: Internal Revenue Service

  • Call the Internal Revenue Service office in Boston to schedule an appointment.
  • File federal tax forms for your business.
  • Get a federal tax identification number.

Step 8: Massachusetts Department of Revenue

  • Contact the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.
  • File Massachusetts state tax forms for your business.
  • Get a Sales Tax Registration Number and Certificate.

Step 9: Insurance

  • Do a risk assessment and inventory of your business's facility and property.
  • Visit the Business Liaison, if necessary, for advice.
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