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Citywide Water and Meter Replacement

Frequently-Asked Questions

What advantages will the new meters and meter reading system offer to the City and the public?
  • Water customers will have access to their water use and water billing information through a secure web-based application.
  • City workers will no longer need to enter your property to obtain meter readings.
  • Estimated meter readings will be eliminated, in favor of actual readings.
  • The City will have far greater ability to monitor and control water use, which is expected to help reduce our unaccounted-for water. Our unaccounted-for water is above the maximum percentage recommended by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).
  • The City has elected to purchase a leak detection system that works with the meter reading system. This equipment, which will be installed on the water mains in the streets, provides near-immediate notification of leaks in the mains. This too will reduce unaccounted-for water, and in many cases should result in leaks being fixed before they grow larger and cause greater problems.
  • The new equipment will provide rapid notification to DPW of tampered or stuck meters, instead of having to wait months for such information.
  • DPW will be better able to respond to inquiries you may have about your water use and water bill.

If you have further questions, please call the Water Department at 781-286-8145.

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