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Frequently-Asked Questions

What advantages will the new meters and meter reading system offer to the City and the public?

  • Water customers will have access to their water use and water billing information through a secure web-based application. 
  • City workers will no longer need to enter your property to obtain meter readings.
  • Estimated meter readings will be eliminated, in favor of actual readings.
  • The City will have far greater ability to monitor and control water use, which is expected to help reduce our unaccounted-for water.  Our unaccounted-for water is above the maximum percentage recommended by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).
  • The City has elected to purchase a leak detection system that works with the meter reading system.  This equipment, which will be installed on the water mains in the streets, provides near-immediate notification of leaks in the mains.  This too will reduce unaccounted-for water, and in many cases should result in leaks being fixed before they grow larger and cause greater problems.
  • The new equipment will provide rapid notification to DPW of tampered or stuck meters, instead of having to wait months for such information.
  • DPW will be better able to respond to inquiries you may have about your water use and water bill.

What do I have to do now?

Nothing, until you receive a mailing when it is time for you to schedule your appointment.  You will be able to schedule your appointment either online or through a toll-free telephone number. The mailing will provide you with a work order and service number which you will need to schedule your appointment.

What will I need to do on the day of the appointment?

Before you make your appointment, you should ensure that your meter is accessible.  You will verify that the installation contractor is displaying the proper identification, then show the installer where your meter is located.  The work typically takes less than a half hour, during which time you will not have water service.

Do I have to be home at the time of the appointment?

Yes.  Someone aged 18 or over must be home to allow the installers to access the existing meter, and to sign to verify the installation was performed.

How do I know it is ok to let someone into my home?

You will have scheduled an appointment with the installation firm for a particular time, so you will know when to expect them.  Installation personnel will not attempt to enter your house at other times.  The installer will be wearing clothing identifying his or her company (Baystate Winsupply), will be driving a vehicle with the company’s markings, and will have an identification badge from that company. 

How many people will enter my home?

For most appointments, only a single person from the installation firm will need to enter your home.  For a few appointments, the installer may be accompanied by a second person from the same company, or a Revere DPW employee, or a representative of the City’s engineering firm which is overseeing the project (CDM Smith).

What kind of water meter will be installed?

All residences and many businesses will have an all-electronic meter installed, which is the iPERL meter as manufactured by Sensus.  These meters have no moving parts, and thus will retain their accuracy over time.  Large businesses (those with meters over 1 inch in size) will have a Sensus compound meter or turbine meter installed.  These will be equipped with electronic registers.

The register will be wired to a radio to be installed on the outside of the house or business.  Any existing wiring that connects from the existing meter to an outside touchpad will be replaced.  The contractor will attempt to install the radio in the same location as the touchpad.  Larger businesses already have a radio on the outside of their structures; the radio and wiring will be replaced in this case as well.

Will the radio interfere with my television, cordless phone, or pacemaker?

No.  The radio transmissions occur on a licensed frequency, for only a few seconds per month.  This is a different frequency from that used by television signals, cordless phones, and pacemakers.  You will never experience any interference.

What if I don’t want to have my meter replaced?

This is a mandatory project.  The City has the right and responsibility to gain access to all premises for water meter work (Revere City Ordinances, Chapter 13.04).  Failure to schedule your appointment may result in your water being turned off until you do so.  Penalties and fees as established by the Revere City Ordinances would also apply.

How much will the new meter cost me?

There is no direct cost to water customers for the new meters.  The program is being funded by the City and a low-interest loan from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

How can I get more information about the program?

Click here to view a video describing the installation process.  Informational meetings will be held in all wards.

If you have further questions, please call the Water Department at 781-286-8145.