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Accessible Space (HP) Sign Program

Instructions for Completing an Accessible Space Application

Step 1. Before You Get Started

You can apply for an accessible spot (HP Sign) whether you’re a driver or a passenger. You may be eligible for an accessible parking spot if you meet the requirements:

  • you are a full-time, year-round resident of Revere and own your home;
  • you have a disability that will last at least one year and severely limits your ability to walk;
  • you have a valid Disabled License Plate, Disabled Veteran Plate, or a Disabled Parking Placard from the Registry of Motor Vehicles; and
  • you have a car registered at your Revere address that you use daily for personal use.

You CANNOT get a parking spot if:

  • you have a short-term disability that will last less than a year (you aren’t eligible if your disability doesn’t severely limit your ability to walk)
  • you do not have a car registered at your Revere address (you can't get a space for “Pick-up and Drop-off” purposes)
  • you already have an HP accessible driveway, garage, or other off-street parking that you use
  • you owe the City money for outstanding parking tickets or taxes, or
  • there are “No Parking” or “No Stopping” signs posted on your street in front of your residence.

Step 2. Prepare Your Documents

If you drive your car, even if it’s just some of the time:

  • print out and complete the driver application;
  • check the box at the top of the application that says “New”;
  • have the Medical Application filled out by your doctor.

If you are only a passenger in the car (you don’t have a license, you never drive, or you are under the age of 16):

  • print out and complete the passenger application;
  • check the box at the top of the application that says “New”;
  • have the Medical Application filled out by your doctor.

You also need to provide copies of your:

  • Active car registration at your Revere address;
  • Disabled Parking Placard showing your photo, ID number, and expiration date;
  • Massachusetts driver’s license; and
  • If applicable a copy of your doctor’s prescription for your mobility device. Examples of mobility devices include canes and wheelchairs.

Please make sure all your forms are easy to read and your photos are clear. Also, please do not give us X-rays or medical records. You just need the doctor to fill out the medical section of your application.

Step 3. Send Your Information to Revere Commission on Disabilities

Mail your completed application and forms to:

Revere City Hall
Attn: Commission on Disabilities
281 Broadway
Revere, MA 02151

Or email your application and documents to:

Your application may take up to six weeks to process.

Rules for the Accessible Space Program (HP Sign)

Applying for an accessible parking spot on your street? Learn the rules and regulations first.

  • Having a handicapped or disabled veteran plate doesn’t guarantee your eligibility.
  • If you do get a parking space, other handicapped drivers are allowed to park there too.
  • You must follow all municipal parking regulations.
  • You must renew HP spots every year.

Using the Spot

If you do get a parking space, other vehicles with a disabled plate or placard are allowed to park there too, including cars from other states.

You still need to follow street cleaning schedules, snow emergencies, and other parking restrictions. You also can’t abandon a car in an accessible parking spot (parking for more than 72 hours).

A driver with a disabled license plate or disabled parking placard can park in an accessible parking spot even if there is a “Residents Only” restriction. However, they still need to get a “Residents Only” permit if they want to park in other spots in the neighborhood.

Eligibility and Renewal

You must renew the accessible parking spot every year. If you do not renew your parking spot, we will remove it.

You need to tell us if there is a change in your disability, address, or eligibility. If you are no longer eligible for the spot, we will remove it.

Other Restrictions

Accessible parking signs are the property of the City. You cannot install or remove signs, or paint the curb or poles to mark off a spot.

If you try to change a sign, paint the street, or misuse the parking spot in any way, we will immediately remove the signs.

This program is not governed by any federal or state laws. It's managed by the Disabilities Commission and the Traffic Department. The Traffic Commission has the right to approve or deny any applications.

Residential HP Accessible Parking Options

You can apply for disability plates and placards through the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.

For Accessible Plates

You must be a Massachusetts resident and the primary owner of a registered car.

For Accessible Placards

If you are an eligible Massachusetts resident, you can get an accessible placard on a temporary or permanent basis. You can only have one valid placard at a time.

You can learn more about disabled parking from the registry, as well as download forms and applications for accessible parking.

Accessible Parking Space Program

You might be eligible to apply for a handicapped parking spot on your street. There are limits to who can get a spot, and who can use it.

Noticed Any Parking Spot Abuse?

If you have seen anyone you suspect of misusing an accessible plate or placard, you can report them to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.


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