Draft Master Plan

Following months of community input and data analysis, MAPC, the City of Revere, and Next Stop Revere Steering Committee are excited to announce the release of the City’s draft Master Plan. The full draft document is available to view and/or download, either as individual chapters or as a complete document. For a more concise overview of the document, please see the Executive Summary.

Next Stop Revere's Vision for Revere:

An innovative, inclusive city built on the strong foundation of our history, our unique assets, and our present successes. We are committed to achieving this vision through a comprehensive plan that aims to:

  • Build Revere’s reputation as a professionalized city government;
  • Continue to provide innovative and quality education;
  • Provide housing options for residents of all backgrounds and income levels;
  • Offer high-quality employment opportunities for Revere residents;
  • Facilitate a range of transportation options for Revere residents, visitors, and regional commuters;
  • Promote healthy lifestyles for our residents and visitors;
  • Promote the resiliency of the city;
  • Strengthen and celebrate the diversity of our city and promote social capital; and
  • Establish Revere as a destination.

Master Plan Vision Statements

Haitian Creole
Haitian Creole

Draft Master Plan (Full Report)

Download Full Draft Document (PDF)

Please note: this is a large file and includes all chapters and appendices

Next Stop Revere is the city’s first comprehensive master plan in more than four decades. The planning process comes at a critical point in Revere's history, as it seeks to build on its unique identity, location, and place in the region, in order to ensure that all residents can benefit from its growth and development.

This full draft Master Plan incorporates extensive analysis of Revere's existing conditions, population projections, land use considerations, as well as MAPC's recommendations for eight Plan Elements (see Chapter listing below for these topics).

Incorporated throughout the chapters, and guiding many of the Plan's priority recommendations, are community input shared through master plan forums, focus groups, and online surveys. The draft Plan's public comment period closed on February 14, 2020.

Draft Chapters

Each chapter is in downloadable PDF format.


Acknowledgements, Steering Committee members and the Community Process.

Executive Summary 

Overview of Revere's planning and community context, development trends, and a high-level summary of the Plan's recommendations.

Historic & Cultural Resources 

This chapter discusses Revere's geographical, historical, and community assets and opportunities for growth in the local arts and culture sectors.


This chapter discusses Revere's current housing stock, community needs, and a variety of approaches to addressing those needs in a rapidly changing housing market.

Transportation & Mobility

This chapter discusses Revere's complex network of commuting corridors, needs and concerns across all commuter types, and offers strategies to address both local and regional needs.

Economic Development 

This chapter discusses Revere's growth opportunities and challenges, including spotlights of major opportunity sites, business districts, and strategies to strengthen local businesses and its workforce.

Open Space & Recreation 

This chapter discusses Revere's growing network of open, recreational, and/or protected natural resources, building on Revere's 2018 Open Space and Recreation Plan.

Public Health 

This chapter discusses Revere's wide-ranging community health needs and strategies for strengthening local health systems, informed in part by a 2018 Integrated Community Health Needs Assessment.

Energy & Climate 

This chapter discusses Revere's energy and utility practices, risk factors and opportunities, and strategies to enhance local climate resiliency through policy and infrastructure.

Public Facilities & Services 

This chapter provides an extensive inventory of the City facilities and municipal services portfolio, discussed in context of Revere's growth and evolving community needs.


This final chapter outlines next steps for ensuring ongoing action planning, investment, and progress reporting on the community goals and priorities outlined in the Plan.


This Appendix section includes an update of the Shirley Avenue Community Action Plan referenced in the Implementation chapter and will include a summary of public comments.

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