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Data & Statistics

Revere is an ever-changing, growing city; having an accurate and up to date view of the city and its residents gives important insight for the master plan. These are the various statistics and data points relevant to Next Stop Revere, covering demographics, employment, education, housing, and health. Data sources include the U.S. Census, American Community Survey, and MAPC. 


Revere is a growing city. Who lives here? How has our population changed? How can we project future change? A robust understanding of our current community make-up, of who lives and works in Revere, and how Revere is changing over time can provide helpful insights into the development of Next Stop Revere.

Below you'll find several sections containing demographics information on Revere.

Jobs & Employment

Revere's growth and how it benefits local residents are important themes for Next Stop Revere. Insights into the strengths and needs of Revere's workforce can help inform master plan recommendations that can encourage the creation of good jobs and economic opportunities in Revere and the region.


A broad view of residents' educational attainment and aspirations - from daycare to K-12 education to adult job training classes - provides important context for planning for facilities, programs, and partnerships to support a thriving Revere.


As one of the City's most significant land uses, housing is a priority issue for Next Stop Revere. Information about Revere's existing housing inventory, historic and regional trends, and the characteristics of current and projected future residents all provide helpful context for developing a community's housing goals.


Transportation is a very regional issue, though impacts are felt at a local level. A master plan considers not only these regional networks but also how local roadways, transit systems, and other travel modes currently serve, and can better serve, the needs of users to connect to places within Revere or the region.

Land Use & Development

Revere's predominant land use is residential, though a few of the city's most prominent vacant parcels, such as the former Wonderland Race Track, are commercial or industrial.

As the community evaluates current and future needs in the city, the master plan will also incorporate discussion and recommendations about how zoning impacts opportunities to bring new jobs and industries to Revere.


Public health considers many factors that affect resident and community well being, social cohesion, and quality of life. Next Stop Revere will consider how the natural environment, built environment, and social determinants such as healthy behaviors interact and can be improved to support a thriving community.

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