Water and Sewer Discount for Seniors Expands for 2019

February 20, 2019

Mayor Brian M. Arrigo announced an expansion in the City’s Water and Sewer Senior Discount program that begins Feb. 15.

Under the new discount qualifications, eligible property owner/occupants who use 30,000 gallons of water or less over a 12 month period will earn a 30 per cent discount in the form of a credit toward their next billing period.

“This is an entirely new discount category that encourages water conservation and increases the value of the discount at the same time,” said Mayor Arrigo.

Other features of the discount program remain intact.  Those who use between 30,001 and 70,000 gallons earn a 20 per cent discount, and those who use over 70,000 gallons earn a 10 per cent discount.

“Our objective is both to help seniors with their water bills, but also to help people realize the real benefits of water conservation,” said Mayor Arrigo.  “There are many simple ways that people can use less water in their everyday routines.”  Most common among these are simple steps such turning off water faucets while brushing one’s teeth or collecting rainwater to water gardens and flower beds.

“People should also make sure they are not wasting water through undetected leaks,” said the Mayor.  “Residents who suspect that their water bills are higher than they would expect should contact the City’s water department to help determine whether there might be a leak issue.”

The discount will be applied to one billing period per year.  To qualify for the Senior Discount program, an applicant must be the owner of record and occupy the property in question.  The applicant or spouse must turn 65 during the calendar year to which the discount will be applied.  An applicant will be required to provide a valid Massachusetts drivers’ license or other official form of identification that includes the date of birth and property address, or additional documentation.

Applications will be available at the Water Department or can be obtained online through the City’s website beginning Feb. 15.  Applications must be completed and returned no later than June 30 of the calendar year the discount is in effect.

The discount percentage is determined based upon the total consumption at the applicant property during the previous year.  That percentage amount is then multiplied by the current Water/Sewer rate and produces a credit toward the applicant’s subsequent water bill.

Download the application here: 2019 Senior Water Discount Form

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