To Slow Community Spread, Cities of Chelsea and Revere Open “The Inn”

April 15, 2020

Partners MGH to Manage and Provide On-Site Medical Care for up to 150 Patients

REVERE, April 15, 2020 – In a joint effort to slow community transmission of COVID-19, Revere Mayor Brian Arrigo and Chelsea City Manager Tom Ambrosino today announced a site for non-congregate housing to open Thursday for those recovering from the virus, do not require hospital care, and are in need of a safe place to quarantine. 

The Quality Inn in Revere agreed to allow the use of the entire building for the next 60 days to provide an alternative, safe housing solution for Chelsea and Revere residents who live in overcrowded housing conditions or would otherwise be at risk of spreading the virus within their community.

Partners HealthCare has stepped up to serve as the healthcare management team offering in-room health care services, eliminating the need for individuals to travel to doctors’ offices or hospitals, and a third-party management company will oversee all non-medical related operations, including private security. North Suffolk Mental Health Association will provide mental health support services. Plans for The Inn were developed with support from MEMA, the Department of Public Health and the Governor’s Office, and public safety and health officials from both Revere and Chelsea.

“We know the best way to protect all our residents from this virus is to prevent exposure to it in the first place,” said Mayor Arrigo. “Providing a safe place for quarantine to those who need it is a critical part of our strategy to slow community transmission in Revere.”

“This partnership of two cities working in concert with state partners is critical if we hope to slow the pandemic in the hard hit communities of Chelsea and Revere,” said City Manager Ambrosino. “This temporary housing will ensure that the health of all of our residents, and most especially those in over-crowded units, is protected.”

An individual that is eligible to stay at The Inn will:

  • be a resident of Revere or Chelsea; 
  • be Covid-19 positive; 
  • have been determined by a doctor that they do not currently require hospital care;
  • and be living in a situation where significant challenges are presented for self-quarantining or isolation. 

Public officials in Chelsea and Revere, in consultation with medical experts, will confirm an individual meets eligibility requirements. There will be no acceptance of “walk-in” patients.

The Inn will provide individuals who live in homes where they are at high-risk of spreading infection of this highly contagious virus and provide a safe, secure and fully-staffed location to support necessary medical needs. Most rooms will be for individuals, and some rooms may be utilized by families. 

Seventy five percent of the costs associated with The Inn’s operation will be covered by FEMA, with substantial additional support from MEMA. The remainder will be financed equally by the Cities of Revere and Chelsea. All patients and staff will be provided the necessary Personal Protective Equipment by MEMA. MEMA will also provide for delivery of three meals a day to all patients. Revere and Chelsea police will provide additional 24-hour security initially, to be continued as long as deemed necessary. Revere Fire and Cataldo Ambulance will manage emergency response to the building.

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