Senior Discount Program For Water & Sewer Bills Now Available; Mayor Arrigo To Host Open House Where Seniors Can Apply In Person Thursday, April 20

March 20, 2017

Mayor Brian Arrigo has announced that the Senior Discount program is now available for senior citizens to apply for a discount of up to 20% to their water and sewer bills.

Seniors may download the discount form from (link here) or come to the Water & Sewer Department office at Revere City Hall to apply.

In addition, Mayor Arrigo will host an open house for seniors to speak with a staff member and fill out the form in-person on Thursday, April 20, from 4-6 PM. The event will be held in the City Council Chamber, and light refreshments will be served. Seniors will have the opportunity to speak with a member of either the Water and Sewer billing department or a member of the Mayor’s staff. Light refreshments will be served.

Homeowners and/or their spouses who are 65 as of this calendar year may apply for a discount. Applicants must own and occupy their home, and it must be a one, two or three family.

If the homeowner used over 70,000 gallons of water in calendar year 2016, a 10% discount will be applied on 2017 bills. A 20% discount will be applied on bills where under 70,000 gallons were used in 2016.  Water usage from 2017 will determine the level of discount should the resident qualify for the program in 2018.

In order to qualify, the water bill and tax bill must be in the name of the resident who is applying. Applicants must provide a Massachusetts state drivers license or photo ID proving date of birth, and they must complete and return the form by June 30 every year the program is in effect.

Please contact the water and sewer billing department at 781-286-8145 with any questions.

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