Revere on the Move Urges Residents To Provide Urban Farming Ordinance Testimony at May 24 City Council Meeting

May 18, 2021

Website Created for Residents to Share Their Testimony

REVERE – On Monday, May 24, 2021, the Urban Farming Ordinance will be presented to the Revere City Council after 10 years of urban farming programming to guide the development of the Urban Farming Ordinance over the past 5 years. The Urban Farming Ordinance was created to increase access to fresh, locally grown, wholesome foods for the residents of Revere. Revere on the Move and their local partners have established a wide and increasing variety of programs and resources for access to all food – the Urban Farming Ordinance expands the work already being done by integrating state and national policies to encourage home gardeners, commercial businesses, and non-profits to grow their own food. Revere residents have long asked for additional community gardens, urban farms, chickens, bees and more, and this Urban Farming Agenda addresses the many areas of Revere’s food economy.

According to the ordinance, growing local foods eliminates both the need for fossil fuels in transporting food and the use of destructive chemicals that are part of large-scale food production operations – benefiting both the residents and the environment. Revere on the Move is encouraging residents to provide testimony at the May 24 City Council Meeting.  If you are interested in speaking at the meeting, please email

“Revere’s history is rooted in farming from the farms and greenhouses in West Revere, to the backyard and community gardens that continue today,” said Dimple Rana. “Over the last 10 years, Revere on the Move has implemented urban farming initiatives that have gained a lot of interest such as our community gardens, farmers market, and bee hive pilot. Across the country, cities like Revere are realizing the value that urban farms can create several social, environmental, and economic benefits.”

If you are unable to attend the May 24 meeting, Revere on the Move has created a webpage,, where residents can share their testimony online rather than in person. To do so, please click on the “Urban Farming” tab and share your testimony. At the May 24th City Council meeting, the public hearing will take comments and then move to a full public hearing at a zoning sub-committee meeting scheduled later. On May 25th the Planning Board will also conduct a public hearing due to the zoning changes in the ordinance. The Zoning Sub-Committee will make a vote and then move to the full City Council for a vote prior to implementation.


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