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Revere Inspectional Services Administrative Staff are November 2022’s Public Servants of the Month – Colleen Argenzio, Valerie Moscone, Norma Sandoval, Marcia Mendes, and Linda Redding

November 8, 2022

REVERE, MA – Inspectional Services is a department in the City of Revere that many take for granted – when you need a permit, want to open a business, or make changes to your property, they’re your first stop. Colleen Argenzio, Valerie Moscone, Norma Sandoval, Marcia Mendes and Linda Redding run the daily operations of the Municipal Inspections Department and do so with patience and kindness. Always ready to help at the window or on the phone, they are the unsung heroes of city operations and make them clear choices for this month’s Public Servants of the Month.

What does the Inspectional Services Department do and what do you wish more residents knew about your work? 

ARGENZIO: The Inspectional Services Department ensures the general safety, welfare, and wellness of Revere residents and visitors to the community through various divisions that oversee and enforce State and City codes for building, health, sanitation, and business management within the city.  We want the community to reach out to us, we are here to help answer questions and to assist the community in whatever way we can.  

MOSCONE: My position is mainly with the Building Department but both Municipal and Building work closely together as the fines and violations are with both departments.  Assisting with any issue that you can think of will come through this department.  Any type of permit and inspection issue from start to finish.  Lots of problem solving, lots of communication with the public as well as contractors and other city departments.  We are dedicated and determined to help in any way we can with courtesy and respect.  I would like our residents to know that should the need arise, we will try our best to assist in getting them the answers or help they need.   

What does public service mean to you? 

ARGENZIO: Public service means helping ensure your fellow neighbor and community is living in a city that keeps them safe, healthy, and secure while they go about their daily lives. 

MENDES: To me public service is doing my absolute best to help solve any issues that arise or help answer any question for any constituent/contractor or agency that comes to this department may have. It is treating everyone that walks through this office with respect, dignity, and the way you would like to be treated.  

What does the City of Revere mean to you?  

MENDES: The City of Revere is my home, I have been living here since I was a child, I have children in the Revere Public School System. I love and feel extremely honored to be part of this community. There is something special about working and serving the community you grew up in. 

REDDING: The City of Revere means the world to me still to this day.  It is a city like no other as it gave me a place to grow and become who I am today.  I was born and raised in Revere, graduated from Revere High School, and was married at St. Anthony’s Church.  I raised my two successful sons who also graduated from Revere High School.  My oldest graduated college and moved on to become an Engineer, and my youngest also a college graduate recently joined the City of Revere as a Police Officer.  To say I am Proud of the city where I live, and work is an understatement!  Revere is not just where I grew up or raised my sons, this community has become an extension of my family.

What about our city makes you proud? 

ARGENZIO: I am proud to see our city grow, develop, and become a diverse community of individuals that makes our community culture so vibrant. 

What is your favorite aspect of working here? 

SANDOVAL: My favorite aspect of my job is the opportunity to work alongside my colleagues. They are always super motivated and inspire me daily. As well as having the opportunity of interacting with many residents of Revere it keeps things interesting, and I am always finding something new about our residents as well as the city.  

What is a typical day like for you all in the Inspectional Services Department? 

ARGENZIO: My typical day is extremely fast paced, processing many non-compliant issues that run through the department including enforcement actions such as ticketing, permitting, licenses, and processing of resident concerns. 


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