Revere Fire Press Release: Multiple Fire Calls on 2-6-2021

February 9, 2021

Photos by Peter Aloisi

Captain Fortuna PIO

On Saturday February 6, 2021 a call was received from 386 Revere Beach Parkway for a report of an odor of burning by the resident.  A box alarm was struck at 6:11 pm, Revere’s E1, E4, E5, L1and L2 responded.  On arrival Deputy Giampietro noticed smoke coming from the roofline and called a working fire which brought an additional Ladder truck from Chelsea as the (RIT) Rapid Intervention Team.  All occupants had safely evacuated and were accounted for.  All crews went to work to locate, access and extinguish the fire.  Because the concealed fire had not shown itself yet there was no significant smoke to follow.  Discovery was made by removing a ceiling light fixture on the 2nd floor.  The crews further exposed the fire by pulling more ceiling and tracing its path to the attic where it had burned through in two places.  Revere L1 with the assistance of the Chelsea L 2 crew cut two holes in the roof to ventilate a now fully smoke charged attic.  The fire was extinguished from the interior with multiple handlines. The overhaul process revealed that there had been significant fire trapped in the 2nd floor ceiling moving out from the fixture and into concealed storage spaces in the attic.  The close proximity to the Parkway Fire Station allowed for an exceptionally quick response.  Training, skill and tools combined to quickly reveal the hidden fire which led to a Good Stop.  The cause was determined to be unintentional and electrical in nature.  The Revere Police were called to the scene for traffic and NGRID to cut the power. There were 9 occupants, including three children, displaced as a result of the fire.  The Red Cross was notified, responded and provided assistance and support.  The “All Out” on the box was sounded at 8:47 pm.

Later in the evening on Saturday February 6, 2021 multiple calls were received for reports of fire from a building at 242 Mountain Avenue.  A box response was struck at 11:47 pm, the dispatch included E4, E3, E5, L2 and the Deputy.  E4 first on scene reported smoke and fire showing.  Deputy Giampietro based on E4’s report, multiple calls and a visible glow in the area called a working fire while still in route. L2 arrived and immediately struck a second alarm seeing heavy fire showing.  The Deputy arrived, assumed Command and confirmed all occupants were safely out of the building.  E4 and Ladder 2 crews had made their way to the 3rd floor with a hoseline, E1 was instructed to set-up in the rear in preparation for an attack on the fully involved porches.  Deputy Giampietro made his way to the 2nd floor where the conditions were deteriorating, unable to proceed, along with the report from the crew on the 3rd floor, he ordered the All-Out-Of-The-Building and the air horns sounded.  Command called for a third alarm and the working companies were now instructed to set-up and begin an exterior defensive attack.  With the rear of the building now a wall of fire and the roof burned through and collapsed in places, Revere L1, L2 and a Chelsea L2 targeted their ladder pipes and played copious amounts of water on the Fire.  Simultaneously, other crews with large hoselines assisted in the Surround and Drown while Blitz nozzles were setup between the buildings to protect exposures from the tremendous heat of the fire.  The Chief of the Department arrived on scene and assumed Command.  Additionally, members of the Revere Fire Department Command Staff, Fire Investigation and Logistics arrived on scene to offer the much-needed support function for the duration of the incident.  The fire was successfully contained to the building of origin with only some damage to the exposure building in the rear. Mutual aid to the fire included outside companies from the neighboring cities and towns of Chelsea, Everett, Malden, Lynn, Boston and Massport.  There were multiple slip and falls during fire operations with the winter conditions adding to the difficulty of fighting this fire and only one Firefighter injury was reported as a hand laceration while venting a window.  There were no reported issues with hydrants or water supply.  The fire is currently under investigation. A detail was assigned to the scene made up of a pump and crew to extinguish the still smoldering hotspots.  Operations concluded with the “All Out” at 1:07 pm on the 7th.  There was a total of 13 people including three children displaced, as reported by the Red Cross who were notified and responded to the scene to offer much needed support.  The building is a total loss having sustained significant fire, water and structural damage.

The task of fighting multiple fires in one day is both physically and mentally demanding with extreme weather conditions only further adding to the challenge.  It’s a tribute to Firefighters, their training and dedication that at the any moment, at any time of the day or night and in any conditions, they do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Deputy Giampietro stated “that it is unusual and unfortunate to have that many people displaced in one day”.  There is, thankfully, a process which is immediately activated at the fireground and further coordinated by Fire Department staff to connect the outside organizations such as the Red Cross and CAPIC along with Revere’s own Mayor’s Office Outreach to provide services and support to these people facing an extraordinary challenge.  Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Chief Bright would like to take this opportunity to thank the men and women of the Revere Fire Department for their dedicated service throughout this One-in-One-Hundred-year pandemic:

“The Covid-19 Pandemic has presented all firefighters with endless challenges this past year. I am proud to report that, without exception, our firefighters have responded and met every hazard that confronted them.  They have risen to the occasion to overcome all the difficult challenges they faced.  They inspire and motivate me to work harder to be the best Chief I can be.  And I am proud and eternally grateful to lead such a brave force of firefighters.”


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