September 4, 2013

Jobs and Future Commercial Development will make the Transformation of Revere a Reality

The recently signed host community agreement between the City of Revere and Suffolk Downs is an extraordinary deal that will help make the transformation of Revere a reality. The prospect of a resort style casino at Suffolk Downs will create jobs and lead to further investment within Revere. The host community agreement will protect the city’s interests and ensure that the community has the necessary resources needed in the future.

The host community agreement will create much needed jobs for residents, and will help to promote future business interests within the community. Residents will have unprecedented opportunities for employment starting with 2,500 temporary construction jobs and then, 4,000 permanent jobs. Ten percent of both the construction and permanent jobs will go directly to Revere residents, making the resort the largest employer in the community. The resort is also obligated to enter contracts with local businesses, with a goal of spending $7.5 million annually in Revere. When fully operational the resort is expected to bring in $15 million in revenue to the city each year, making it by far Revere’s largest taxpayer. This additional revenue will no doubt help to stabilize residential taxes.

“I believe that once the residents of the City of Revere have the opportunity to learn about the host community agreement they will support the deal overwhelmingly. We are still in difficult economic times and this deal should still be seen as an emergency jobs bill for the region,” stated Rizzo. “We already have interest from local and regional commercial development groups to invest here in Revere, and I believe that this resort is just one more giant step towards creating a vibrant and robust local economy.”

Revere’s Economic Development Team has been aggressive about bringing large scale commercial development to the City of Revere. Thanks to the efforts of the team the transformation of the Northgate region of the community is already underway. While the prospect of a resort style casino at Suffolk Downs has already brought interest from local and regional development interests, the Administration believes that if Suffolk Downs receives a casino license from the Gaming Commission, future development will begin to coalesce throughout all of Revere.

If you would like to learn more about the host community agreement that was recently signed by the City of Revere and Suffolk Downs, please visit You can also reach out to the Mayor’s Office at 781-286-8111 or

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