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RE: FY13 State Budget Cut Information

December 11, 2012

Budget Cut Information

Dear Members,

Last week we received the highly anticipated notice that Governor Patrick will be putting into place, over $540 million in cuts to the State Budget. Revere, as an urban working class community, receives vital revenues in the form of State Aid. Last year this figure was over $50 Million (including Chapter 70 funds). While we are being aggressive in seeking out private sector commercial investment sources to relieve residential property taxes, we cannot afford substantial cuts to State Aid dollars.

Like most communities of our size, we are already being asked to do more with less. I am worried that if Local Aid is impacted as a way to close the state's $540 million shortfall, these looming cuts will impact each and every one of our residents and have negative consequences on how we deliver city services.

Each and every day I see firsthand how difficult this economy still is for Revere and its people; now, I'm reaching out to you in order to advocate on our behalf.

As you know, much of Revere’s State Aid funding goes directly to support our School system. With cuts being proposed approaching $28 million, I anticipate no city or town will be left unscathed. However, a city like Revere stands to be most effected by these changes to the State Budget. With a growing number of school aged children coming into the City, I believe that we are facing a growing crises and any dollars removed from the School Budget will be disastrous.

Other areas of concern in addition to Unrestricted Local Aid and Chapter 70 would include Municipal Regionalization, Efficiency Incentive Grants, Veterans’ Benefits reimbursement, and the $9 million mid-year cut to Unrestricted General Government aid. Aid for General Government, in the City of Revere, has been close to level funded at $8 million over the past 3 years and any cuts to this figure would destabilize our local budget and hamper our ability to properly provide adequate constituent services.

I will be joining other Mayors, and Managers, from the surrounding communities in opposing the proposed cuts mentioned above. Over the coming days I hope that we will be able to discuss efforts that our full State Delegation can take on in order to prevent drastic cuts to the City of Revere’s budget.

As always thank you for your commitment to the people of Revere and your advocacy on behalf of their interests.


Mayor Daniel Rizzo

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