Ofo bike share pilot: How-to reminder!

October 16, 2017

The ofo bike sharing pilot program continues into its third week in Revere. It will continue for approximately five more weeks, weather permitting. Approximately 200 ofo bikes have been deployed in Revere as part of the pilot.

As a reminder, here’s how you use the service:

  1. Download the Ofo app on your Apple or Android device
  2. Store your payment information on the App
  3. Use the App to find the nearest bke, and scan the QR code on the back of the bike with your phone to unlock it
  4. When you’re done, park the bike safely and legally. One option is at a public bike rack. If you park on the edge a sidewalk, you must leave at least a 5-foot minimum clearance for pedestrians. If you park it in a driveway or on private property, please be aware that ofo staff will come and retrieve the bike, so leave it at the edge of the property.
  5. Turn the lock on the back of the bike to end your ride. You’ll be charged $1.00 per hour of use in the app.

If you’re experiencing issues, contact ofo customer service through the app, at cs_us@ofo.com, or 24/7 at 844-289-9747. Ofo has staff located locally who rebalance the bikes throughout the day, redeploying them in high-use, legal parking spots such as City Hall.

Thus far, usage of the bikes has been high and we appreciate the fact that there is widespread cooperation with the rules. The bicycles are all GPS-tracked, so inappropriate usage can result in your account being suspended.

If the pilot is successful, the bike share will return and be expanded in 2018.

We hope you are enjoying the bike share, and hope you found this notice helpful!

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