New Data Shows Rodent-Related Calls Down 75% Following Targeted Investments in Rodent Control

September 18, 2019

City Contractors Have Completed 4,000+ Inspections and Completed 750+ Exterminations Since June 2018

 Data Released Today as Part of Results for Revere Transparency Initiative

Mayor Brian Arrigo today announced rodent-related calls to Revere 311 have shrunk by 75 percent since the Administration’s summer 2018 blitz to knock down Revere’s rodent population. Since June 2018, City contractors have completed over 4,000 rodent inspections, exterminated over 750 burrows and installed or retreated over 3,500 bait boxes.

“I’m grateful to our residents for stepping up to help us with this effort over the past year,” said Mayor Arrigo. “Thanks to their participation and allowing us access to their property for rodent control, calls to 311 for rodent-related issues and services have dropped dramatically. Through the Results for Revere portal, we’ll continue to track our progress monthly, making the data available to the public and ensuring we continue this high level of service and response.”

The City used data from two years of 311 rodent-related calls to target last summer’s rodent control investment. With limited resources and a short window of time, inspectors were sent to the areas with the highest prevalence of rodent issues to prioritize extermination effort.

2018 and 2019 data was published today as part of Mayor Arrigo’s Results for Revere data transparency initiative that, for the first time, unlocks performance data for city departments and shares results to the public on the city’s website, Over the next several weeks, the Journal will publish details on data most relevant to Revere residents and business owners.

Rodent reduction efforts have also been supported the distribution of over 16,500 heavy-duty, rodent proof trash barrels to every residential property in the City. Nearly 1,000 Revere residents have volunteered to be a part of the city’s free rodent extermination program, providing a signed waiver for extermination. Extermination contractors have been actively looking for and exterminating burrows on publicly-owned land.

Visitors to the City’s Rodent Control Dashboard can review data including:

  • Which areas of the City have the greatest concentration of rodent-related calls
  • Total number of open and closed rodent-related service requests, by month
  • Waivers submitted by property owners to allow exterminators on private properties
  • Monthly inspections, bait box installations and exterminations completed

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