October 1, 2013

City Officials to Hold Public Meetings and Roundtable Conversations

The recently signed Host Community Agreement between the City of Revere and the developers at Suffolk Downs is a landmark deal that was developed by Mayor Rizzo, with the assistance of other City officials, all of whom weighed the opinions and ideas of the community throughout the process. In order to continue to ensure that the process and details surrounding the project and Host Community Agreement leading up to the vote on November 5th is clear and understandable, Mayor Rizzo has planned an aggressive outreach plan to help residents of Revere learn more about the entire development.

“Host Community Agreement Roundtable Conversations,” airing on Revere TV Channel 9 over the coming weeks, along with two public forums, are scheduled for the end of October, and will act as a way for residents to engage in the process and ask questions. There will be four roundtable conversations in total dealing with specific parts of the host community agreement. A public meeting is planed for Saturday October 19th at 10:00AM, in the Revere City Council Chambers, where City Officials will provide an overview of the agreement. Another meeting will occur at the Beachmont School with details to follow.

“From the beginning of this process I have made every effort to give the residents of Revere the ability to engage in the discussion leading up to the development of a resort style casino at Suffolk Downs,” stated Rizzo. “We will be reaching out to the community at large once again to engage in a two way conversation about the host community agreement; I hope that everyone will get involved.”

The citizens of Revere, through an election, will be the final deciding voice on the prospect of a resort style casino. The election is scheduled for Tuesday November 5, 2013. If you have questions regarding the election please call the Election Department at Revere City Hall at 781-286-8200.

If you would like to learn more about the host community agreement please reach out to the Mayor’s Office at 781-286-8111 or

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