Mayor Arrigo Presents 2022 Budget

June 22, 2021

Driving Progress from Pandemic through investments in Technology, Greater Efficiencies, Capacity Building and Equity for Health and Human Services and Economic Development Departments 

Revere- Tuesday, June 22, 2021- Mayor Brian Arrigo today recommitted his priorities with his Administration’s Fiscal Year 2022 budget. Since taking office the Arrigo administration has worked towards professionalizing city services, embracing technology, upholding professional and ethical standards, and maximizing and modernizing development. This year’s budget reflects Mayor Arrigo’s proposed budget that focuses on moving Revere forward.

“The budget we presented today highlights how our tax dollars will drive our city toward greater progress for all of our residents,” Mayor Brian Arrigo said. “The hard work and commitment of all of our department heads during the past year has informed the priorities of this budget and will allow for more collaborative work across all city agencies, stakeholders and state partners.”

Throughout the budget, you can see the implementation of Mayor Arrigo’s priorities across many departments: 

Professionalize City Services 

Health and Human Service departments focused on Substance Use Disorder and Homelessness, will be equipped with resources to develop comprehensive data-driven strategies to support the goals of reducing homelessness and provide greater housing stability across the city. 

Substance Use Disorder and Homelessness will:

  • Implement syringe service Program in Revere
  • Create a report with quantitative and qualitative data that develops a baseline metric of homeless individuals in Revere  

Embrace Technology

Prior investment in the office of Information Technology has allowed the city to modernize many departments and functions for residents, businesses and visitors to Revere.  They will continue this work by:

  • Reviewing of current services and contracts 
  • Rebidding of existing services 
  • Develop of a long-term telecommunications plan to be completed by the end of 2022
  • Improving or streamline the operations of city departments 
  • Wireless network expansion 
  • Computer and printer upgrades 
  • Improvements to building and control systems 

Uphold Professional and Ethical Standards 

Revere’s Department of Public Health As the city continues to work towards an end to the COVID-19 pandemic we strive to reach a goal of getting 70% of the community fully vaccinated by the end of this summer. It is important to educate residents on the risks and benefits of health safety measures regarding the vaccination. While we enforce the positive effects of getting the City vaccinated, we look to organize a community COVID memorial committee in remembrance of the residents of Revere that we lost to COVID-19. 

Department of Public Health will: 

  • Continue to grow a robust vaccination program that is accessible for all residents 
  • Work with the school department to investigate bringing childhood immunization program to school departments 
  • Employ a shared epidemiologist and public health nurse 
  • Work on youth mental health programming in coordination with neighboring communities and school population 
  • Ensure that all members of the emergency preparedness team are up-to-date with appropriate certifications 
  • Implement an easily accessible application process for licensing

Maximize and Modernize Development

The Department of Planning and Community Development continues to work toward equitable economic development throughout Revere by:

  • Implement recommendations within the Next Stop Revere Master Plan, with specific attention to the construction of the Innovation Center and advanced manufacturing facilities,
  • To continue the planning and permitting processes for the mixed-use redevelopment of both Caddy Farms and Wonderland
  • To work with Amazon to address their transportation requirements and to enhance their working relationship with the Revere community. 
  • To facilitate at least ten storefront and signage improvement projects on Shirley Ave. 
  • To advance planning for the adaptive reuse and rehabilitation of the vacant McKinley School, Winthrop Avenue Fire Station, and Revere History Museum. 
  • To foster joint transportation and development planning with Lynn 
  • Increasing the number and variety of deed-restricted affordable housing units, with a particular focus on publicly-owned properties that further enable development feasibility
  • Expand availability and access to first-time homebuyer programs and resources
  • To prepare a Climate Ready Plan and a Zero Waste Plan for the City

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The City of Revere is committed to fostering a climate of equity and inclusion. Included in this year’s budget proposal is a Director of Equity and Inclusion that will lead the development and implementation of proactive diversity to support the City of Revere’s Racial Equity Municipal Action Plan. The Director will lead the development of a vision and effective strategy that champions the importance and value of a diverse and inclusive city, working collaboratively with the HRC, Mayor’s Cabinet, City Council and Department Directors throughout the city. The city will continue to engage community participation building a welcoming and inclusive culture. 

The FY22 budget is before the City Council’s Ways and Means Subcommittee. You can tune in on RevereTV or learn more about joining at




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