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Joint Statement From Mayor Brian Arrigo, Superintendent Dianne Kelly, Police Chief James Guido, and Fire Chief Christopher Bright

June 1, 2020

Joint Statement From Mayor Brian Arrigo, Superintendent Dianne Kelly, Police Chief James Guido, and Fire Chief Christopher Bright

June 1, 2020 –We are heartbroken and appalled by the murder of George Floyd and so many other people of color before him. Our country's history of systemic racism and violence against Black men and women is disgusting and shameful. Although we can all feel the deep emotional grief from witnessing such needless and horrifying loss of life, we want to acknowledge that it is some of you, not any of us, who have experienced and live this racism every day. 

This pandemic has brought greater devastation to communities of color, and at the same time we continue to see unprovoked, unwarranted violence against Black people. We are at a crossroads. A crossroads we have approached too many times before only to find ourselves following the exact same path.  If we are serious about making a change, we must all commit to doing so.  We must commit to seeing racism, naming racism, and acting to end racism. 

Our pledge to all residents of Revere is to use our positions of power more effectively to make sure every voice is heard -- and new policies are implemented -- but we will not do it alone. Our public safety agencies, school leaders and colleagues in government are ready and willing to help all in our community who wish to have a better future. We must all rise up together to root out racism and journey together toward equity and justice.

Our message this week to our residents who are calling for action is this: We are with you. Your voices are heard. We will support you.

Safety, diversity, and respect for people’s dignity have always been our top priority. Our public safety teams will work in collaboration with community organizations and faith leaders this week to ensure we are coordinated in our efforts to advance the change we all desire.

Over the past two months, we've come together as a city like we never have before. That is thanks to all of you, and we must do even more now. Together we need to work toward creating a community solidly grounded in equity and inclusion, a community in which every citizen feels welcomed and safe, a community that isn’t just inclusive – but rather is intentionally anti-racist.

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