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Go Green Save Green

February 12, 2019

Mayor Brian Arrigo is pleased to announce two 20-year solar energy agreements between the City of Revere and Citizens Energy that will result in the City saving an additional half-million dollars on top of the savings from the original contract. The City Council approved the contracts in a unanimous vote on Monday night.

Under the new agreements, Citizens is creating two new solar power plants as Low-Income Community Shared Solar Projects- one in Ayer and another in Bridgewater- By building those, Citizens increases its capacity to produce electricity and consequently increases the amount of electricity available for purchase by the City. This nets the City a 17% discount in its purchase cost, resulting in a savings of over $500,000 in the full term of the contract. This is on top of the projected $4 million in savings from the original contract.

“This is a great deal for taxpayers, as it allows the city to reduce expense without impacting services, and it’s also 100% green energy,” said Mayor Arrigo. “In addition to the savings, this new program will provide saving opportunities for the residents that need it most.”

In tandem with the purchase of solar-powered electricity, Citizens energy, through its charitable program will be able to provide deeply discounted energy credits that will amount to some $150 in savings annually to approximately 150 low-income households in Revere.

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