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Senior Citizen Work-Off Abatement Program FY 2021

June 23, 2020

Mayor Brian Arrigo is pleased to announce that the City of Revere will accept applications for the Senior Citizen Work-off Abatement Program beginning July 1.  This program provides the opportunity for 50 seniors to work for a $750 property tax reduction and another 50 seniors to work for a $500 water bill credit.

The program will offer qualified seniors the opportunity to contribute 62.5 hours throughout various city departments for property tax abatements or 41.5 hours for water bill credits.  At this time, however, the coronavirus public health crisis leaves the scope of the work for this year’s program uncertain.

“While we certainly hope that we will be able to implement a full semblance of our annual Work-off program, we will be guided strictly by the status of coronavirus in our community and will abide the informed advice of our public health officials,” said Mayor Arrigo.  “Our residents’ health is our primary concern, and we will be extra cautious as we develop the details of this year’s program.”

Nonetheless, Mayor Arrigo wants the program ready to go if public health concerns are addressed.  “We will follow our usual application and selection procedures, and then react accordingly to whatever extent we can to actually implement the program.” 

In order to qualify, Revere residents must be at least 60 years of age, assessed owner of the property, and the income limit has been raised to $77,408 for individual applicants or $94,580 for married applicants. Residents will be required to provide a copy of ONE of the following: birth certificate, driver’s license or passport.

A lottery shall be conducted on August 21st at 11:00 a.m. (tentative date) to determine which applicants participate in the property tax and water abatement portion. Applications will be available on and in the Mayor’s Office when municipal buildings reopen. Applications can be dropped off or mailed to Revere City Hall. Additionally, applicants can send their completed applications electronically via email to Residents will be notified by mail if they have been selected for the FY2021 program.

Application Here

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