E-Permitting Adds New Services

April 11, 2019

Effective Friday, April 12, local businesses and condominium associations will be able to go online and process annual Food Establishment, Tobacco, and Dumpster License renewals. Businesses will receive a renewal letter by mail with the details of the process. New applications will be done online as well.

These are the latest additions to the City’s electronic permitting and licensing process that is modernizing the way business owners and residents interact with their government.  The City currently allows residents and business to process online an array of applications for permits required for building, bulky item pickup, yard sale and more.

“This is another step in the right direction to bring City services into the 21st Century” said Mayor Brian Arrigo. “From an operation standpoint, this will boost efficiency for both the city and local businesses.  Residents and businesses can attend to the license renewal process on their own schedule without the need to come to City Hall.”

These license renewals and applications are the latest addition to the City’s online system. Residents can visit to access the e-permitting process.

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