City of Revere CharlieCard Program

May 13, 2019

It’s now easier for everyone to obtain an MBTA Charlie Card.   The cards are available from the Healthy Community Initiatives office on the lower level of Revere City Hall during regular City Hall business hours.

“We’re always glad when City Hall can make life a little easier for our residents,” said Mayor Brian Arrigo.  “With the MBTA moving more and more of their operation to automated processes, obtaining a Charlie Pass is the most convenient way to have ready access and take advantage of reduced fares on both the train and bus lines.  And the cards can be loaded several different ways, including the convenience of few simple steps on the internet.”

The cards can be loaded with monetary value for subway or bus fares at the MBTA Train Stations, participating convenience stores in Revere and online at the MyCharlie Account Center on the MBTA ‘s webpage.  Having a CharlieCard can save a rider time and money.  Using a CharlieCard to board, a train reduces a rider’s one-way fare by $.50 and reduces ones bus fare by $.30. 

The MBTA also offers discounted CharlieCards for Seniors 65+, people with disabilities and students. 

Senior 65+ CharlieCard registration will be held at the Rossetti Cowen Senior Center, located at 25 Winthrop Avenue, on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  Seniors should have with them a picture id such as a valid Massachusetts Driver’s License, Massachusetts ID Card or a valid Passport.   Passes will be mailed to the applicant’s home.

The Youth Pass is for youth age 12-18 not enrolled in middle or high school or young adults age 18 – 25 enrolled in an accepted GED, job training, or state or federal benefit program. Verification of eligibility is completed at the Revere Public Library located at 179 Beach Street. Passes will be mailed to applicant’s address.

Student Passes for Revere’s middle school or high school aged students are available at Revere High School

" I am very pleased to have offered this motion and equally pleased that is was approved by Mayor Arrigo” said Ward 3 Councillor, Arthur Guinasso, “Providing access to CharlieCards will help our residents access the MBTA's rail and bus lines.  Many of the residents I have spoken with, did not know how to obtain a  CharlieCard and that there is a discounted pass for Senior 65+.  The current construction on the Tobin Bridge will create additional traffic on our roads and in our neighborhoods for the next few years. Having the CharlieCards readily available for our residents to ride instead of drive will relieve some of this  traffic.”

The MBTA will be switching to AFC 2.0, a cash less fare system in late 2020 or early 2021.  The MBTA will not accept cash on buses or trolleys once this system is in place. Riders will need a pre-loaded CharlieCard before boarding.  The City’s goal in promoting and distributing CharlieCards to its residents will ease the transition from cash to card once the AFC 2.0 fare system is operational.

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