Advisory: Upcoming Road Work Schedule, including Broadway, Arlington Ave., Glendale St., Woodland Rd. - Limited Broadway work will take place at night

May 10, 2017

Beginning tonight (Wednesday, May 10,2017), R & D Site Development will continue saw cutting the middle of Broadway between Mountain Ave and Revere Street. The plan is for the work to be completed  within two to three days.

On Sunday, May 21st,2017 Aggregate Industries will begin the milling phase of the Broadway project. The limits of the milling will be from Mountain Avenue to Brown Circle at the end of Broadway. To lessen the impact on the traffic flow, the milling operation will begin at night starting at 8:00 P.M. and terminate approximately at 2:00 A.M.  Should you have any questions about this work please contact Mike Kessman at 781 286-8186 or John Squibb at 781-286-8184.

The following additional work is scheduled to take place during the daytime:

On Wednesday, May 24, milling will take place on Arlington Avenue, Glendale St. and Woodland Rd.

On Thursday, May 25, level course will be installed on Arlington Avenue; milling will conclude on Glendale and Woodland.

On Sunday, June 4, Broadway and the Central Fire Station parking lot will be paved.

On Tuesday, June 6, Glendale St. and Woodland Rd. will be paved.

Final paving of Arlington Avenue  will be scheduled after Marchese Construction has completed the curb and sidewalk work.

Please be aware that these projections are based on no weather or equipment issues developing that could cause delays.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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