2020 Federal Census Kick-Off

January 29, 2020

City officials and community leaders will convene Tuesday to kick-off Revere’s participation in the 2020 United States Census. 

Mayor Brian M. Arrigo and Complete Count Committee co-chairs Diane Colella and Dimple Rana will host the event in the City Council Chambers at Revere City Hall beginning at 2:30 p.m.

“The distribution nationwide of some $900 billion dollars is contingent on statistics that are collected from the federal census,” said Mayor Arrigo.  “With the change and growth that is happening in Revere, it is imperative that everyone is counted so that our city can qualify for its fair share of federal assistance.”

The Complete Count Committee’s objective is to maximize the number of responses from the City of Revere.  Tuesday’s event is not only to publicize the 2020 Census, but to recruit and encourage community leaders to spread the word and inspire their families, friends, and acquaintances to participate in the Census.  “Social media give us the opportunity to spread the word quickly and effectively,” said Mayor Arrigo.  “The Census website—2020Census.gov—is loaded with information and answers about any Census question.  But person-to-person contact is often the most effective and reliable way to reach those in our immediate communities.”    

The federal census takes place every 10 years in compliance with Article 1 Section 2 of the United States Constitution.  Besides helping to determine the distribution of federal dollars, the census also determines the number of seats in Congress for each state in the country.  “The results of the census has an impact on every aspect of our community,” said Mayor Arrigo.  “On a local level, it directly touches school programs, educational grants, special education programs, upgrades and staffing of fire and police departments, housing and energy assistance and much more.  On a regional level, it affects us through regional transportation planning, highway improvements, health care, law enforcement, just to name a few.”   

Co-chair Dimple Rana, Director of the City’s Healthy Community Initiatives,  stressed the importance of full participation.  “The Census is a foundational part of our democracy, and it helps focus resources on unmet needs in the community,” she said.  “The Census questionnaires will be available online in 12 languages in addition to English, and telephone responses will be accepted in all those languages as well.”

Election Commissioner Diane Colella has been through the Census process before and realizes the importance of publicizing the process.  “We make a tremendous effort to be visible throughout the community to get people to participate,” she said.  She plans to use the City’s Mobile City Hall and hold informational events throughout the City as the process continues.

Participation in the federal census is confidential as a matter of federal law.  Information about individuals, their homes and businesses, or any identifiable information cannot be released and are used exclusively to produce statistics.  “Unfortunately, there may be confusion or concerns about participating in the census, but participation is completely anonymous,” Mayor Arrigo said.  “Everyone should feel completely safe and assured that their information is secure and private.”

By April 1, every home in the nation will receive an invitation to participate in the 2020 Census.  Participation can be completed online, by telephone, or by mail. Questions presented in the federal census are simple, but important.  Every answer contributes to the important statistical data that forms the basis of decisions about federal funds distribution.  T

The Census Bureau will never contact a person via email or telephone and request financial information or a Social Security number.  The federal Census does not require a Social Security number—and, in fact, will never ask for a Social Security number—and makes no inquiry about money, political affiliation, or financial information. 



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