2017 Revere Resident and Visitor Parking Permits available online; City announces changes to Visitor Parking Permit Policy to protect resident parking and crack down on abuse and fraud

December 20, 2016

The City of Revere is pleased to announce that vehicle owners and residents who reside on a street designated as resident parking only may request 2017 Resident Parking Stickers and/or Visitor Parking Permits online beginning January 3.

Vehicle owners residing on a street designated as resident parking only may visit www.buymypermit.com/revere starting January 3 and submit an online application in order to receive a Resident Parking Sticker and/or Visitor Parking Permit(s). Once the online application process is complete, the Resident Parking Sticker and/or Visitor Parking Permit(s) will be mailed to the residential address on file.

Additionally, residents may visit www.revere.org/departments/parking-clerk and download an application to request a Resident Parking Sticker and/or Visitor Parking Permit(s) by mail or in-person. Upon approval of your application, your Resident Parking Sticker and/or Visitor Parking Permit(s) will be mailed to the residential address on file.

January of 2017 will be a grace period to allow residents, businesses, landlords and health care workers to apply for appropriate permits; enforcement of the residential and visitor parking policy will commence on February 1 and violators will be fined.


Please be advised that there is a new policy regarding usage of Visitor Parking Permits. This policy is being implemented to curtail Visitor Parking Permit abuse and fraud, and ensure that residential spots are reserved for Revere residents who are paying excise tax and registering their cars in the city.

Visitor Parking Permit usage will be tracked using software in the handheld devices used by Parking Control. A vehicle may not use ANY visitor parking permit for more than a total of ten (10) days in a one month period (excluding Sundays and holidays). A vehicle that has utilized a visitor parking permit for more than 10 days in a month will be issued a violation.

Violations will be linked to the license plate number of the vehicle, not the visitor pass – so even if a vehicle uses multiple visitor passes, it may only do so for a total of 10 days in a month. Visitor passes are designed for temporary use for guests of taxpaying residents – not to be used for commuter parking or as a way to park vehicles registered outside of the city on residential streets. This new policy is designed to crack down on abuse.


> Special Visitor Parking Permits for businesses, landlords, and Health Care Worker Parking Permits are only available by mail or in-person. Applications for these types of permits may be downloaded at www.revere.org/departments/parking-clerk, or by visiting City Hall.

> The pricing for Resident Parking Stickers and/or Visitor Parking Permit(s) will remain the same for calendar year 2017: $5.00 per Resident Parking Sticker and $2.50 per Visitor Parking Permit. There will be an additional $3.00 convenience fee for the purchase of permits online via www.buymypermit.com/revere. The cost of Resident Parking Stickers and Visitor Parking Permits is waived for residents 65 years of age and older.

> Vehicle owners, residents, businesses, landlords, and health care workers will have the month of January 2017 as a grace period to purchase their permits. Enforcement of the Resident Parking Program will commence on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 and any vehicle found to be in violation of the Resident Parking Program will be issued a $20.00 parking violation.

> A maximum of two (2) Visitor Parking Permits will be issued per vehicle or per person per calendar year. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you have a health care worker visiting your home, visit City Hall for a special visitor’s parking permit for health care workers. The health care worker applies for the permit themselves or through their company. The resident does not apply for the health care worker permit.

> Only one (1) commercial vehicle per residential address may apply for a Resident Parking Permit. Commercial vehicles are not entitled to Visitor Parking Permits. Commercial vehicles shall conform to size restrictions in accordance with Revere Revised Ordinances Section 10.32.210.

> Resident Parking Stickers are valid on the street for which they are issued or on an adjacent street. Visitor Parking Permits are only valid on the street for which they are issued.

> All outstanding parking tickets must be paid in full at the time application is made. Tickets can be paid by calling 1-866-894-9012, online at www.parkingticketpayment.com/revere, or in-person at the Parking Clerk’s Office, 281 Broadway, Revere, MA 02151 with cash or money order.


  • Completed Application Form.
  • Copy of MA Registration for vehicle registered to a resident parking only street in Revere. If vehicle is a lease, the lease agreement shall also be included.
  • To request only Visitor Parking Permits, proof of residency must be provided in the form of a utility bill and photo ID issued by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.
  • Include proof of age for waiver of fee.
  • Payment in the amount of up to $10.00 per vehicle. Checks or money orders shall be made payable to the “City of Revere”.

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