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The Revere Society for Cultural and Historic Preservation (RSCHP) is an organization dedicated to preserving the City of Revere’s rich history. It is currently focused on preserving history at two locations: the Revere History Museum at 108 Beach Street, and the Rumney Marsh Burial Ground at 44 Butler street.

The Revere History Museum at 108 Beach St. Revere is listed on the city’s inventory of significant landmarks, and on the inventory of historic and Archeological assets of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the National Register of Historic places. It has been developed to be a multipurposed public building to be used as primarily as a cultural center, a repository for historical artifacts, displays and a place for events that will continue to educate the citizens of Revere about it’s rich history.

The Revere History Museum at 108 Beach St. currently contains three floors with approximately 12 Rooms each containing displays and artifacts providing historical perspective to visitors on various historical artifacts and information regarding Revere’s historical past to include;

  • An amazing collection of original photos, memorabilia, artwork, and display items from the extensive amusement area of Revere Beach, America’s first public beach and Wonderland Amusement Park once known as the “Playground of New England”.
  • Role that our Revere citizens played in the Revolutionary War in important events such as the "Battle of Chelsea Creek”, site of 1st naval battle of the revolutionary war.
  • Rumney Marsh Burial Ground history, 450 internments, 44 Veterans, 16 former slaves
  • Rich farming history, its 7 farms and it’s historic spice mill “Slade’s Mill”
  • Our first Schools, Churches and Synagogues
  • Those who Served; military, fire, police, first responders
  • Rail and Air Transportation History
  • Local industry, small business owners, Horatio Alger
  • Local Political Leaders

The Museum building also contains large meeting rooms that are used for RSCHP historical presentations and for other area non-profit organizations to host their meetings.

In addition to the historic displays, the museum also serves as a repository for hundreds of historical artifacts and information donated by city residents and businesses to help preserve the city’s history.

2019 Highlights / Events and Activities

The Revere Society for Cultural and Historical Preservation (RSCHP) most recently (12 month period) embarked upon an aggressive campaign to market, promote and develop its organizational awareness, educational programming and membership growth.

The following list of events and activities outlining our major 2019 initiatives;

  •  “A Stroll Through Time”  Historical Banners placed along at Revere Beach Boulevard to commemorate its rich history as America’s first public beach, a National Historic Landmark
  • Establishment of  Revere History Museum Docent / Tour Guide training program
  • Created and developed City wide Annual Trolley Tour of  7 Historical sites  
  • Historical Tour and Scavenger Hunt at the Rumney Marsh Burial Ground  (RMBGRC)
  • Annual Bocce on the Beach  (Rumney Marsh Burial Ground Renovation Committee)
  • Annual Holiday Social  held at Christmas time and Hanukah to celebrate the holidays
  • 2019 Membership Drive- RSCHP achieved a 51.5% increase in its membership base. 

Rumney Marsh Burial Ground

City of Revere Trolley Tour of Historical Places. 

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