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The National Weather Service has issued a Heat Advisory for our region from Tuesday at 12:00pm to Friday at 7:00pm.  We urge our residents to take precautions during this time and stay cool.  For more information on city services, click here

Treasurer / Collector

The Office of the Treasurer/Collector is responsible for the receipt, investment and disbursement of all City funds. Our goal is to achieve these responsibilities while providing the highest level of customer service and support to all of the City's constituencies, as well as satisfy the legal requirements set forth in Massachusetts General Laws and the City's Ordinances.

Email: collector@revere.org or treasurer@revere.org

About Us

Municipal Lien Certificate

To get a Municipal Lien Certificate, you must provide a written request which includes:

  • property address
  • property owner
  • parcel number
  • how the MLC should be addressed
  • a self-addressed stamped envelope
  • a check for $25 payable to the City of Revere

Send all of the above to:

Collector’s Office
City of Revere
281 Broadway
Revere, MA  02151

The law allows 10 business days for completion of the Municipal Lien Certificate.

Real Estate Taxes

The City operates on a fiscal year that starts on July 1st and ends on June 30th.  The City uses a quarterly tax billing system.  Tax bills are mailed four times per year:

First Quarter: July 1st
Second Quarter: October 1st
Third Quarter: January 1st
Fourth Quarter: April 1st

The City sends the tax bills 30 days before their due date.  Your quarterly tax bills are due on these dates:

Quarter Due Date
First Quarter: July 1st thru September 30th August 1
Second Quarter: October 1st thru December 31st November 1
Third Quarter: January 1st thru March 30th February 1
Fourth Quarter: April 1st thru June 30th May 1

If the first of the month falls on a weekend, your bill is due on the following Monday.

Assessed taxes on Real Estate stay with the property – Not the name on the tax bill. So, if you own the property, you need to make sure that the property taxes are paid. Otherwise, the unpaid taxes could result in a lien against the property.

The name on the tax bill is the property owner as of January 1st before the start of the given fiscal year. If you sell a property and the City still mails you a tax bill, please forward it to the new owner of the property or return to:

Assessor’s Office
City of Revere
281 Broadway
Revere, MA 02151

Pay Online

Methods of Payment

Pay Online

  1. In person at the Collector’s Office in City Hall by cash, check, money order, or credit/debit card.
  2. Mail the payment in the form of check or money order, to:
    Collector’s Office
    City of Revere
    P.O. Box 439
    Revere, MA 02151
  3. On City website
  4. Online payment through your personal online banking system.
  5. Drop Box Payments - There are drop boxes located on either side of City Hall entrances. Please place all payments (either check or money order) along with a payment stub, bill number, parcel ID, or other identifying information, in an envelope addressed accordingly in a sealed envelope. Any other correspondence for City business should be addressed to the appropriate department.  Do not leave cash!

Late Payments

If payment is not made within 30 days of the date the City issued the tax, the Collector/Treasurer adds interest to your bill from the day after it was due until you pay it off at an annual rate of 14 percent.  The Collector/Treasurer sends a demand notice after the due date of the 4th quarter tax bills.  The demand charge is $5.

If you still haven’t paid your account by June 30th of the fiscal year, the City places a tax lien on your property and records it at the Suffolk County Registry of Deeds.  A lien is a legal claim on your property for debt, and it’s the first step in the foreclosure process.

You need to pay all of your taxes, fees, and interest on your account to avoid foreclosure.  If you need more information, please call the Collector’s Office: 781-286-8120.

Please Note:  Even if you never received your tax bill, state law requires you to still pay any interest or fines if you’re late on your payment.  It’s your responsibility to make sure you get a copy of your bill and pay your taxes.

If you want to change your Mailing address, you are required to contact the Assessor’s office at 781-286-8170.

Tax Title/Tax Lien

The City places a lien on delinquent taxes on or before June 30th of the fiscal year.  The delinquent properties are advertised in a local newspaper for two weeks in June of that fiscal year.  Six months from when the lien is recorded at the Registry of Deeds the City mails a courtesy letter that notifies the delinquent taxpayer that the City intends to proceed with the foreclosure of the property unless the delinquency has been settled by a given date.  The property is then petitioned for foreclosure in the Suffolk Land Court.

Once the City receives the final judgment, the property is then sold at public auction or foreclosure.

If you have received a Tax Lien, call the Treasurer’s Office at 781-286-8136, or visit the office during normal business hours, to work towards a resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my mailing address on my tax bill?

You must submit a Change of Address Form which you can get at the Assessor’s Office, you can call and one will be mailed to you or you can download the form at www.revere.org. Our phone number is 781-286-8170. Water bill mailing will have to be changed separately at the water department their phone number is 781-286-8145.

Contact Information & Hours
Collector’s Office
Treasurer’s Office
Mon. 8 am – 7 pm
Tues. 8 am – 5 pm*
Wed. 8 am – 5 pm
Thur. 8 am - 5 pm
Fri. 8 am - 12 pm

*Open till 7pm following Monday holiday
Cathy D. Bowden
Margherita Bitto
Collector’s Office Staff
Sandra Tejada
Collector’s Office Staff
Denise Masiello
Assistant Collector
(781) 286-8120
Scott Porter
Collector’s Office Staff
Michelle Audet
Treasurer's Office Staff
Azucena Caraballo
Treasurer's Office Staff
Melissa Ferrante
Treasurer's Office Staff
Eileen Mundis
Treasurer's Office Staff
Kevin Restrepo
Assistant Treasurer
(781) 286-8136
Vanessa Puopolo
Treasurer's Office Staff
Kelly Pena
Collector's Office Staff
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