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Office of Short Term Rental

The Short-term Rental Office regulates the legal operation and registration of Short-Term rentals in the City of Revere, protects the safety of renters and residents, ensures that the primary use remains residential, and ensures that Short-term rentals will not be a detriment to the character and livability of the surrounding residential neighborhood.

Property Owners: Registration Is Now Live
Register Here

 Review the information on this page prior to registering.

  • The $50 application fee is nonrefundable.
  • Please note that the Ordinance allows for the short-term rental of residential units only, short-term rental of rooms or other spaces is prohibited.
  • Property owners must have a Revere address.
  • Unregistered short-term rentals are subject to fines effective September 1.


The Short Term Rental Office has opened effective July 1 to enforce the Short Term Rental Ordinance passed by the Revere City Council and approved by Mayor Arrigo.

The ordinance requires that all units of housing posted for short term rental be registered with the city, pending an inspection from an Inspector from the Office of Short Term Rental. The City will provide software for online registration effective August 1. There will be a $50 Inspection Fee for registration, and a $150 registration fee once inspection is approved.

Key Provisions of the Short Term Rental Ordinance

The following are the key provisions of the Short Term Rental Ordinance:

  • Annual Registration is required for each unit rented. The Office of Short Term Rental will track down unregistered short term rentals and after a brief warning period will fine $300/day for posted rentals that remain unregistered. 
  • Registration will require the following documentation:
    • Good Standing Check from the city to determine that no prior fees, fines or taxes are due.
    • A certificate of short term rental from the state
    • A valid insurance binder of liability limits of no less than $250,000 per incident. 
  • Inspection will be required for all short term rentals. Owners should schedule inspections with both the Office of Short Term Rental and the Fire Prevention Office.
  • Inspection will be required annually, and Registration will be renewed each calendar year after inspection, effective by the end of January, with the first registration being valid through January, 2023.
  • Any unit rented for periods of less than 30 days qualify under the Short Term Rental Ordinance.
  • Short Term Rentals may only rent to 2 persons per bedroom up to a maximum of 6 people total, exclusive of children under the age of 12.
  • Short Term Rentals may not be offered as a sublet from a renter.
  • Commercial rentals are prohibited.
  • Registrations must maintain accurate logs of renters for 3 years. 
  • The following do not qualify for short term rental:
    • Not either a primary residence or a unit attached to a primary residence.
    • Deed restricted or section 8 funded units
    • Units in condo or homeowner associations that prohibit short term rentals.
    •  Units in a calendar year that receive 3 or more violations of state code or municipal ordinance related to health, safety, sanitary conditions, excessive noise, improper trash disposal, or disorderly conduct.
    • Units who's owner is delinquent in payment of local taxes, fines and fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I offer a spare room or partial unit inside my property as a short-term rental?

No. The entire unit must be rented.


I live in a condominium building and own two units. Can I offer one unit as a short term rental?

Yes. As long as you receive a letter from the management of the building or condo association stating it is permissible to do so.


My primary address that I live at is outside The City of Revere, but I also own a property within Revere. Can I offer my Revere property as a short-term rental?

No. The owner of a property being offered as a short-term rental must also reside in Revere as their primary address. 


Do I have the ability to offer my rented house, condo, apartment etc. on a short-term rental website?

No. You must be the owner of a property to offer it as a short-term rental.

State Registration Requirements

Steps to register

If you already have an account on MassTaxConnect:

  • Log in to MassTaxConnect
  • Select “Add Account Type/New location” to register for the Room Occupancy Consolidated tax type
  • Select “Room Occupancy Consolidated” (for activity for July, 2019 and after).

If you do not have a MassTaxConnect account:

  • Go to MassTaxConnect
  • Choose “Create my username”
  • Choose “Create my username” again
  • Select “I am an individual who has previously filed taxes in the state of Massachusetts”
  • Choose Social Security Number as ID type, enter the number, select “Personal Income Tax” as the account type and proceed with the verification process
    — You will be asked to provide one of the following: A tax return amount OR a tax refund amount from one of your past three (2016, 2017 or 2018) Personal Income Tax returns.
    — The amount must be greater than $0. If you can’t provide a tax return or refund amount, call the Trustee Tax Contact Center at (617) 887-6367 (choose #4, then #3 when prompted).
  • After setting up your account password, choose “Add Account Type/New Location” under “I Want To” to register for the Room Occupancy Consolidated Tax.

Inspectional Services Department and Collector's Office Locations

Part of the registration and inspection process of short-term rental properties includes the owner of the short-term rental procuring Good Standing Certifications from the Inspectional Services Department and Collector's Office. This is to show that there are no outstanding violations, fines, liens, or taxes owed on the short-term rental.

The Inspectional Services Department is located at: 

American Legion Building
249R Broadway
Revere, MA 02151


The Collector's Office is located at:

Revere City Hall
281 Broadway
Revere, MA 02151



Documents and Forms

Short Term Rental Ordinance
Revised and current Short Term Rental Ordinance passed July 12 2021
State Registration Instructions
Guidance of how to register your property with the State of Massachusetts
Contact Information & Hours
6 Pleasant Street
Revere, MA 02151
Office Hours
Monday-Thursday: 8:15-5:00
Friday: 8:15-12:15
Saturday-Sunday: CLOSED
Nicholas Catinazzo
Vincent Argenzio
Short Term Rental Officer
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