DCR - The Department of Conservation and Recreation is a state organization of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts committed toward protecting and enhancing our natural, cultural, and recreational resources to promote the health and happiness of all. The DCR manages various parks and parkways in our city, such as Revere Beach Parkway, providing protection and cost-efficient services. Its primary mission is to strengthen the connection between residents and the natural environment and to stress the vitality of resident involvement in efforts to conserve. The betterment of Revere and our state commences with the DCR’s ongoing efforts and help and support from dedicated residents.  For services and assistance, contact the main offices of the DCR at 617-626-1250 or visit online at: Revere Beach Reservation

Revere Beach -  the oldest public beach in this country. Today, the public area is distinguished by spectacular communal events and the people who partake in them.  To learn about sand-sculpting, fireworks, or any other exceptional happenings at our beach, visit the Revere Beach website: Revere Beach 

The Revere Beach Partnership - an organization that consists of volunteers who strive toward the betterment of our beach. Their overall objective is to strengthen the role of Revere Beach in our community through preserving its valuable natural resources and its unique history as America’s first public beach. To find more information on this organization contact them at 781-902-9742 or visit online at:  Revere Beach Partnership