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Application Instructions For General Licenses

All Applications Must Be Accompanied By a Photo ID

NOTE: The License Commission meets once a month. New, Transfer, Live Entertainment, Alteration of Premises, Outdoor Seating, or Change of Location applications must be advertised two weeks in advance of the meeting. These applications must be submitted by the Thursday before the date of advertisement in order to be considered at any meeting. All other applications must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the meeting. Failure to complete the application or to submit all required documentation in a timely manner will delay the processing of your application.

License Application

The following is a list of forms that must be provided to the License Commission Office:

  •  Completed license application, with all attachments
  • Detailed floor or plot plan, showing all main features (e.g., counters, seats, parking spaces, etc.) – can be drawn on 8½” x 11” paper
  • Certified copy of City of Revere Business Certificate, if using a DBA – Business Certificates are obtained from City Clerk’s office
  • If you are a corporation, LLC, etc., provide Articles of Organization (NOTE: if officers/directors have changed since business was organized, provide documentation of change)
  • Notarized criminal record check request for all owners, officers, directors, LLC managers, or LLC members
  • Proof of right of occupancy (e.g., lease, deed, etc.)
  • If transferring license, provide proof of authorization to transfer (e.g., purchase and sale agreement; notarized letter of authorization from license holder; corporate vote from license holder, etc.)
  • Affidavit of Workers Compensation Insurance – if you don’t have Workers Compensation insurance, indicate it on the form and return it
  • Completed Inspection Approvals Form – must have at least preliminary signoffs from all required departments – applications may be approved conditionally with preliminary signoffs, but NO license will be issued without final inspection approvals
  • If application is for: New License; Live Entertainment; Alteration of Premises; Outdoor Seating; or Change of Location, copies of legal notice must be sent by certified mail to all direct abutters – provide notarized affidavit of notification of abutters one week before the License Commission meeting


  • $125 filing fee made payable to City of Revere (non-refundable)
  • $30 legal notice fee made payable to Revere Journal (non-refundable)

License fee due upon approval of license, payable to City of Revere:

  • Common Victualler; Entertainment; Secondhand Dealer; Pawnbroker; Hotel/Motel/Inn; Sales of Gold/Silver/Precious Metals/Jewelry; Motor Vehicle Sales (both Class 1 and Class 2) – $100
  • Lodging House; Fortuneteller – $50
  • Flea Market – $300
  • Parking Lot – $100/space for commuter; $200/space for ‘park & fly’ OR commercial vehicle storage
  • Automatic Amusement Device – $100/machine
  • Pool Table – $75 for 1st  table, $50 for each additional table
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