Broadway is the city’s central commercial corridor spanning over 1 mile from Route 60 Brown Circle to Route 16 in Chelsea. Since 2020, the Department of Planning and Community Development has placed additional emphasis on revitalization and stabilization efforts of Broadway. Following the goals and recommendations listed in the 2021 Local Rapid Recovery Project Plan, for the commercial district, a Master Planning process for Broadway has been initiated.

Working with consultants at Gamble Associates and Landwise Advisors, the city will conduct an economic and land use analysis of Broadway. Concurrently, a parking utilization study of Broadway is being done by Stantec Engineering. Overall, the efforts will examine Broadway’s current conditions and establish short and long-term goals related to business growth, land use, parking, policy, and infrastructure.

The project’s first public meeting was held on April 1st, 2024, and was well attended with over 50 residents and small business owners present. The Broadway Master Plan Presentation led by David Gamble, identified the corridor’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Additional planning efforts to improve Broadway to make it more attractive to residents and visitors include a branding and way finding campaign and the development of commercial design guidelines that will be used to improve storefront exteriors and signage.

Would you like to learn more about the plan? Reach out to Tom Skwierawski, Chief of Planning and Community Development, for more details.




The Local Rapid Recovery Project

In 2021, Revere received technical assistance to assess the impacts from Covid-19 and develop actionable, project-based recovery plans tailored to the unique economic challenges the Broadway corridor was experiencing.

The plan established key goals and objectives for Broadway, that have been implemented or are emerging.  It has been used to advance current initiatives for Broadway that will make the commercial corridor more walkable, aesthetically pleasing, and vibrant.


Wayfinding and Branding

Broadway, despite its location and place within the community, lacks a sense of identity to its residents and to visitors to the area. 

The goal of the wayfinding campaign for Broadway is to create awareness of the corridor’s amenities among residents and to intercept travelers from RT 16 and RT 60 to visit Broadway’s unique businesses, recreational areas, and to increase foot traffic within the area. 

The campaign developed by the city’s planning staff, Gamble Associates and Omloop Design has been done in stages.  The final design of the signage was officially approved by Revere residents and stakeholders who participated in the ‘Branding Broadway Wayfinding Survey’ conducted in July of 2023. 

A sample of the signage to be installed is displayed below; District, Parking and Vehicular Directional signage will be rounded with Revere’s iconic ‘Blue’ and green color patterns.


District Discs were favorably voted in and will be used to redefine Broadway into three areas, North, Central and South. A sample of the discs are illustrated below:

Partial funds are in place to implement this project, with full funding anticipated in late 2024. Contingent on grant funding, the City anticipates implementing some or all of the Broadway wayfinding work in 2024.


City of Revere Commercial District Design Guidelines

Vibrant and attractive downtown or commercial business districts are fundamental in providing residents access to quality goods and services. Well designed and contemporary storefront facades and signage can improve consumers perceptions and experiences within a commercial district, increase foot traffic, create safer streets, and expand product diversification within the marketplace.

The City of Revere’s Commercial Districts Design Guidelines developed by Gamble Associates and Omloop Design Firm provides design guidance and illustrations to preserve the individuality of Revere’s small businesses, enhancing buildings and public realm interface to stimulate economic growth.  The guidelines identify nine design principles and include summaries and examples of each principle for business and property owners to explore and consider when refacing their building.

Gamble Associates and Omloop, provided design consulting services to 30 businesses on Broadway and Shirley Avenue that applied for the city’s Storefront and Signage Program. The design principles illustrated in the guidelines will be applied to the facades of small businesses on Broadway beginning in the spring.

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