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Revere Human Rights Commission

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Revere Human Rights Commission is to promote human and civil rights and empower all people of Revere by ensuring that everyone, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized, have equitable opportunities, equal access, and are treated with dignity, respect, fairness, and justice. —As approved by the Commission members on January 7, 2021 


A thriving Revere where all community members live free of racism, poverty, violence, and other systems of oppression, and where everyone has equitable access, opportunities, and resources, as well as a sense of belonging. —As approved by the Commission members on March 9, 2023

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Upcoming Events

Event News and Monthly Highlights


Check back for updates throughout the month! 

To Contact the HRC Events and Cultural Celebrations working group, please fill out this form for assistance with organizing your event.

To add a Cultural and Awareness Event to the calendar, click on "ADD EVENT" to submit information. Each of these events is reviewed and approved by appropriate HRC members and the Director. 

Upcoming Meeting Information

Meeting Times

First Thursday of every month at 5pm. All past and ongoing HRC meetings are available on the RevereTV Youtube Page.

All full HRC meetings have a simultaneous Spanish interpretation available from both the Zoom feed and simulcast on RevereTV. At present there will be no in-person Spanish interpretation available. If you have a desire to see subcommittee meetings also with simultaneous interpretation please use the feedback form at the bottom of this page to let us know. 

Next Meeting

October 5, 2023. 

Thank you for your participation in the HRC public meetings. For members of the public who are concerned about their safety, please join us remotely on Zoom. The public Zoom link is at the bottom of our meeting agenda. 

The HRC will do its best to hear from residents during the meetings. Please note that comments must be related to the agenda and follow the direction from the HRC Chair. 

Also, see Guidelines for HRC Meetings and Public Forum below.

Commission Members

Claudia Correa
Chief of Talent and Culture
Timothy Bogertman
MDiv, MHEd, Senior Pastor of First Congregational Church of Revere
Chris Bright
City of Revere Fire Chief
David Callahan
City of Revere Police Chief
Lourenço Garcia
ED. D.
Assistant Superintendent of Inclusion and Equity, Revere Public Schools
Chai Hossaini
Vice Chair
(Acting Chair)
Active community member, social justice advocate and lead youth organizer of Revere Youth in Action
Molly M. McGee
Attorney, Revere MA
Immigration & Criminal Law
Kourou Pich
Executive Director, HarborCOV

Meeting Minutes & Videos

December 7, 2023 Human Rights Commission Meeting

Watch the full Human Rights Commission meeting.

2023 Meetings and Videos
Meeting Date
Meeting Minutes
Dec 7, 2023  
Nov 2, 2023
Minutes (Draft) 
Oct 5, 2023
Sept 7, 2023
Aug 3, 2023
No meeting
July 6, 2023 No meeting
June 1, 2023 No meeting
May 4, 2023
April 6, 2023
Mar 9, 2023
Feb 2, 2023
Jan 5, 2023
No meeting


General HRC Information

How to Contact the Human Rights Commission

To send an email to the Human Rights Commission utilize this form.

Re-Foundation of the Commission

It is the policy of the City of Revere to advance the human rights of all people and to promote understanding among individuals and groups through the methods and mechanisms provided in this chapter. —9.28.010 of City Ordinances (Amended May 8, 2023)

On June 9, 2020, Mayor Brian Arrigo announced the reactivation of the Revere Human Rights Commission. On Thursday, October 1 the new HRC held its first meeting.

Guidelines for HRC Meetings and Public Forum

1. This is the HRC monthly meeting to discuss and conduct HRC business. It is not a mediation meeting. 

  •  If a mediation is requested this will be held with the current Mayor or designee outside of the monthly meeting.

2. The HRC Chair is authorized to set a time limit for speakers, to appoint a representative to speak from a group with similar comments, and to not allow comments which do not pertain to the agenda. 

3. Guests are expected to behave in a manner that respects the civic nature of the proceedings. Indecent or inciteful speech, or behavior that interferes with the conduct of regular business through distraction or interruption of any kind will not be tolerated. See below for elaboration. 

NOTE below, directly from the Open Meeting Law statute, Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 30A, Section 20: 

(f) After notifying the chair of the public body, any person may make a video or audio recording of an open session of a meeting of a public body, or may transmit the meeting through any medium, subject to reasonable requirements of the chair as to the number, placement and operation of equipment used so as not to interfere with the conduct of the meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, the chair shall inform other attendees of any recordings.

(g) No person shall address a meeting of a public body without permission of the chair, and all persons shall, at the request of the chair, be silent. No person shall disrupt the proceedings of a meeting of a public body. If, after clear warning from the chair, a person continues to disrupt the proceedings, the chair may order the person to withdraw from the meeting and if the person does not withdraw, the chair may authorize a constable or other officer to remove the person from the meeting.

4. The HRC has no authority over City employees or officials.

The Mission of the Revere Human Rights Commission is to promote human and civil rights and empower all people of Revere by ensuring that everyone, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized, have equitable opportunities, equal access, and are treated with dignity, respect, fairness, and justice.                                                 —As approved by the Commission members on January 7, 2021

5. This is not a forum to bring a complaint against a HRC member. If a guest has an issue with one of our HRC members, they are directed to address this with the appointing authority, the current Mayor.

Documents and Links

Revere Demographics: A Data-Informed Analysis
Presented to the Revere Human Rights Commission 10/1/2020
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