Road Work and Construction Projects

The City of Revere is committed to completing its roadway improvement program in a professional, comprehensive and transparent manner. Below, view a list of current and upcoming roadway and drainage infrastructure improvement projects. For road projects under the city's roadway improvement program, Mayor Arrigo asked the Engineering department to conduct a comprehensive study of wear and tear on city streets. Click the hyperlink on the street name to read the report for the streets selected for replacement.

2016 Repavement Plan Map: This map shows the location of roads being repaved as part of the Planning Department's 2016 street repavement program. 

Spring 2016 Engineering Study: Engineering Department study of streets being analyzed for repavement

2010-2015 Planning Department Repavement Map: This map shows what streets were repaved under the 2010-2015 repavement programs through the Planning Department. Please note that this map may not include streets repaved by other entities, such as through state grants or other programs.