Point of Pines/Riverside Gas Situation Update - 11:58 AM

As of the most recent update, National Grid has restored service to over half of the impacted homes in the Point of Pines/Riverside. NGrid crews are going door to door and making phone calls to connect with residents in order to get in to homes, relight pilot lights and turn service back on.

If you need assistance from a National Grid representative, please call 1-800-732-3400, or visit National Grid's on-site command center at the Point of Pines Yacht Club.

The sooner you are able get a technician in to your home, the sooner your gas service can be restored, so please try to arrange for a time to have a representative come in as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Point of Pines/Riverside Gas Situation Update – 7:52 AM

-Repair work is complete and Gas pressure is back to normal. The affected highway ramp reopened to traffic at around 4 AM. 

-NGrid began relighting pilots and restoring service in the Pines/Riverside area at around 3 AM this morning. 

-As of 7 AM, about 15% of affected residents have had their service turned back on. 

-Starting at 8 AM, NGrid technicians will make multiple sweeps of the area going door to door and making phone calls to get in to homes and restore service. They will leave flyers and voicemails with a callback number if nobody is home. 

-NGrid's Customer Service number is 1-800-732-3400. 

-NGrid will keep their emergency operations center open at the POP Yacht Club throughout the day. 


-Repairs to the damaged pipe are complete.

-National Grid has accessed nearly all of the impacted residences to shut off the gas meters, but is still working on the remaining few in the Point of Pines/Riverside neighborhood.

-National Grid will be ready to start relighting pilots and turning on service at around 2 AM. Those who have left their lights on or reached out to NGrid to ask for their service to be turned on overnight will get a knock on the door. You can call NGrid at 1-800-732-3400 for assistance. If you don't get your service restored overnight, NGrid will be working to restore service to everyone in the AM.

-If you need assistance, National Grid is maintaining an emergency operations center at the Point of Pines Yacht Club, and the Revere Fire Department Point of Pines Fire Station is open until 8 AM.



Following the earlier puncturing of a gas line due to a construction accident in the Copeland Circle area, crews have shut the damaged line down and have begun repairs. 

The break impacted 612 gas meters in the Point of Pines/Riverside neighborhoods. As of 6:45 PM NGrid was successfully able to shut off about 400 of the 612 meters. 

Impacted residents in the Point of Pines/Riverside area will need to have their gas meter shut off by crews before service can be restored. Some meters are located inside homes. Crews are currently knocking doors and making phone calls in the affected area in order to get in to every needed house to shut off service, but ***if they are unable to get in touch with anyone in the home, they may need to go in with police and a locksmith to access the gas meter***. If you live in the affected area and would like to communicate with National Grid staff on when they can get in to your home, please contact 1-800-732-3400.

Once everyone's gas is off and the pipe is repaired, crews will work overnight to restore service. For many homes, crews will need to go back in to the house to relight pilots and get the service back on. Crews will be in the neighborhood to get that done. If you wish to have service restored as soon as possible, even if it's in the middle of the night, let a National Grid representative know either on the ground or by calling 1-800-732-3400. Otherwise, service will be restored in the AM.

If you are in need of assistance:

-Call National Grid at 1-800-732-3400
-Visit the National Grid Emergency Operations Center, set up at the Point of Pines Yacht Club
-Visit the Revere Fire Department Point of Pines Fire Station, which has been opened and activated and will remain open through the night

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