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City Clerk

Ashley E. Melnik, City Clerk
(781) 286-8160

2017 Dog License applications are now available here.  Please note that there are new fees and a new licensing period.  The licensing period runs from January 1st through March 15th.  The fee for spayed and neutered dogs is $10.00 and the fee for intact dogs is $25.00.  Licenses renewed after March 15th will be automatically assessed a $15.00 late fee.  A 2017 dog license will be required for access to the West Revere Dog Park so please get your pup licensed!

Mission Statement

The mission of the City Clerk is to accurately preserve public records, establish, maintain, correct, index and certify all vital statistics and to perform various other duties as may be required by Massachusetts General Laws. The City Clerk also provides administrative support to the City Council.


City Charter

For the past fifty years the City of Revere has operated under the standard Plan B Charter of the Massachusetts General Laws.  Additionally, the City of Revere operates under various Massachusetts General Laws, Session Laws, which are Special Acts of the Massachusetts Legislature, and the Revised Ordinances of the City of Revere, which govern the general provisions and the powers and duties of the various departments and boards and commissions.  


Newly Enacted Ordinances

15-037  An Ordinance Relative to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40U

15-104  An Ordinance Relative to the Regulation of Dogs

15-179  An Ordinance Amending the Zoning Map of the City of Revere - Certain Parcels of Land Located on American Legion Highway GB to HB

15-259  An Ordinance Amending the Zoning Map of the City of Revere - Lot 9A Mountain Avenue from RB to GB.

16-028  An Ordinance Amending the Zoning Ordinances of the City of Revere - Definition of Dog Kennel

16-076  An Ordinance Amending the Zoning Map of the City of Revere - Certain Parcel of Land Located on Bennington Street RB to GB