Trash and Recycling

Dear Revere Residents:

Our curbside recycling program is designed to preserve our natural resources and help lower our cost of trash disposal. Capitol Waste Services is pleased to assist Mayor Daniel Rizzo in his continuing efforts to increase recycling in the City.  

All household waste, refuse, solid waste, garbage, litter, junk or other forms of rubbish being stored prior to weekly collection and set out for curbside collection must be kept in rodent proof containers.  

For more information, please click on the Code of Ordinance links below:

8.04.024 - Storage of waste at a residence prior to collection

8.04.025 - Storage of wastes placed out for collection

8.04.026 - Separation and collection of recyclables

8.04.027 - Solid waste disposal

Recycling Collection:

Please refer to this page regarding your Recycling Collection Schedule -

Recycling Collection Schedule 

Recycle Collection Days

(Red Bin Weeks Are Designated by the Red across the Dates; Unmarked weeks are Green Bin Weeks)

If you have issues or questions about your recycle bin call 781-286-8314.

Trash Collection:

Please refer to this page regarding your Trash Collection Schedule - Trash Collection Schedule

Please refer to this page regarding holidays that push trash and recycle collection back one day - Holiday Schedule - Holidays that push collection back one day

Capitol Waste Services of Revere may be contacted at 617-569-1718.


The following items are accepted ONLY at the City Yard, 321R Charger Street, on the last Saturday of the month from 7:00 A.M. until 12:00 Noon, upon payment of a designated fee.


(No Charge)
Waste Oil, Batteries & Anti-Freeze, Florescent Light Bulbs, Nickel Cad Batteries, Mercury Thermometers & Thermostats


($15 Per Item)
Computers, TVs, Other Electronics


($2 Per Can)
All Paint Cans Must Have Original Label


($10 Each)
Propane Tanks


 Refers to but not limited to: tables, chairs, sofas, love seats, bureaus, shelving, coffee tables, end tables, entertainment centers, mirrors, beds, box springs, mattresses, bicycles, lawn furniture, gas grills, microwave ovens. Limit of 3 items per month. Residents MUST PURCHASE A STICKER at the Board of Health for each item. CASH is NOT Accepted. Stickers range in price from $3 to $15 depending on the item.


The City will issue tickets and fines for violations of the State Sanitary Code and the City Health Code. This includes violations of the trash ordinances. Fines range from $25 to $250 per offense and each day that a violation exists is considered a separate offense. Unpaid fines will be enforced by a means of a lien on real property. Violations of the City's trash laws include:

1. Trash placed outside before 5 PM on the day preceding collection (on holiday weeks, fines will be issued if trash is placed out before 5 PM of the day preceding the actual collection day)

2. Dumpsters or barrels overflowing

3. Accumulation of garbage or litter on property

4.Commercial trash placed curbside for residential collection

5. Construction, demolition debris, etc. prohibited from curbside collection



Please rinse and keep together-separate from paper. All glass bottles & jars, aluminum, tin, steel cans and lids. All plastic bottles, jars, tubs and plastic microwave trays/containers. Caps, lids, pumps, wraps, labels and detergent spouts may be left on.


Pyrex, windows, light bulbs and ceramics, paint or aerosol cans or other metal items, plastic bags, plastic toys, automotive products containers, poison or pesticide bottles, motor oil, chemical or foam containers.


Please keep materials together and separate from co-mingled items. All paper and cardboard must be clean and dry. Flatten all cardboard, cereal and snack boxes after removing plastic-coated liners. You can also recycle newspaper, white paper, colored paper, glossy newspaper inserts, brochures, junk mail, manila envelopes, phonebooks, envelopes (with or without windows), and brown paper bags.
DO NOT RECYCLE: Plastic-coated paper or tissue, pizza boxes.


YARD WASTE: Leaves, grass and other easily raked material will be picked up every other week on your regular trash day. Brush can be no longer than 3 inches in diameter and 4 feet long. All materials must be in brown paper leaf bags or open barrels.
Collection Weeks in 2015 will begin the week of April 5, 2015 and will be every other week after that until the 3rd week of December. 2015 Schedule for Yard Waste Collection


Christmas trees (no yard waste) will be picked up during the first two (2) full weeks in January.


Capitol Waste Services of Revere will pick up discarded white goods at curbside every other Friday. Pickups are by appointment only. Residents must purchase a sticker at the Revere Board of Health for each item. Stickers are $20 each, $12 for head of household seniors as defined by the Department of Elder Affairs.