Nostalgic Revere

Derby Racer
Twin track roller coaster. Extremely popular especially with couples because it was mild,yet enjoyable

Dragon Gorge
A scenic coaster owned by the Thompson Co.
Circa 1911

LightningRollerCoasterS.gif (17566 bytes) Lightning Roller Coaster
Thrilled riders from 1927 to 1933. Located just south of Shirley Avenue.

MDCBathHouseS.gif (16038 bytes) M.D.C Bath House
where you could rent a towel, locker and a bathing suit for 25

Nautical Garden Ballroom and The Pit
The Pit was a funhouse with tricky inventions of the owner, Mr. Herbert Ridgway

Ocean Pier, Holt's Pier
circa 1911-1939. Originally built as a steamboat landing. At Eliot Circle, Dick Holt operated his seaplane and speedboat rides from the pier.

RevereBeachCarS.gif (17175 bytes) Revere Beach Car
Ocean Avenue Boston Elevated Railway. Charles Duncan Collection