Revere Residents:

On this page, you will find Mayor Brian Arrigo's introduction of the Revere Police Department's organizational analysis report conducted by Ryan Strategies Group. Following the introduction, you will find a link to the full report.

"Over a year ago I made one of the most crucial decisions in my time as Mayor when I declined to renew the contract of Police Chief Joe Cafarelli.  While I respected Chief Cafarelli's dedication to his job and service to the community, I deemed it imperative to place at the head of the department a person whose design of our city's police force mirrored my own.

To that end, I promoted Captain James Guido, a 31-year veteran of the force, as interim police chief. 

At the same time, I authorized a comprehensive independent organizational review of the department to obtain an unambiguous assessment of our department's strengths, its weaknesses, and how we might restructure aspects of the RPD to better meet the needs of our city.  To that end, I retained the Ryan Strategy Group LLC, a private consulting firm headed by Arlington Police Chief Fred Ryan.  Chief Ryan has over 30 years experience in law enforcement and the group he leads is acclaimed for its thorough, evidence-based assessments.   Chief Ryan and Chief Brian Kyes of the City of Chelsea were  was directed to put a magnifying glass on the department and report back with the results.  

These two measures--appointing Chief Guido and retaining Ryan Strategy Group-- were neither separate nor distinct.  I considered this a two-pronged course to improve the Revere Police Department.   At the same time that I vested full authority to RSG to assess the Revere Police Department, I vested full authority in Chief Guido to lead the department.  I empowered Chief Guido to get to work as soon as he took command, as neither he nor I were content to wait until the RSG assessment was complete to begin the changes that we felt were necessary to advance the Revere Police Department. 

We agreed that regardless the result, the assessment would be made public and become a helpful tool when it finally was published.  If the assessment differed from measures Chief Guido had ordered, we would address those individually and arrive at a thoughtful, productive resolution.

Today, with the release of the RSG Assessment, I am gratified that it validates many of the changes that Chief Guido and the RPD Command Staff already have implemented or begun.  Just as important, the report provides functional recommendations that will help set the course for the Revere Police Department in the foreseeable future. 

When I took office, I observed complex challenges in the Revere Police Department.  Complex challenges do not yield to simple solutions.  Complex solutions entail tough self-assessment, honesty, and ingenuity blended with a dose of courage.  Above all else, complex solutions require cooperation.  I am eager to work with Chief Guido and his command staff to enforce the changes they already have implemented, to now take a hard look at RSG's recommendations, and to determine the most effective way to merge the recommendations with the positive changes  already happening  in the Revere Police Department."


View the full report here:2018 Revere Police Department Organizational Review